- Estimated achievement Difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 30 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20-30 hours
- Missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No, you actually have to use cheats for a couple achievements.
- Glitched achievements: "Global Competitor" is currently glitched.
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: A second controller is required for "Global Competitor."

Killer Instinct Classic 2 is a port of a classic arcade/Nintendo 64 fighting game developed by the legenday Rare from the late '90s, previously known as Killer Instinct 2 or Killer Instinct Gold. The game is similar to the original Killer Instinct in many ways; in this installment classic characters such as Jago, Orchid, Fulgore & Spinal are pitted against newcomers like Maya, Kim Wu & the evil Gargos. Players much punch, kick, cut & C-C-C-COMBO BREAK their way to victory against the AI, their friends in local co-op or online opponents. Note that this game is only available if you purchase Killer Instinct Season 2.

Step 1 - Arcade Mode:
The first step in completing Killer Instinct Classic 2 is to play through the arcade mode and defeat Gargos with each character in the game. There are 10 characters, so you will need to beat Gargos once with each character. Dying during an arcade mode run will not void the achievement for beating Gargos with a specific character.

Step 2 - 40 Wins with Each Character:
The next step is to get 40 wins against the AI with each character; you'll need to playthrough the arcade mode with each character a couple times. The game tracks your progress for these achievements so keep an eye on them while doing this.

Step 3 - Mop-Up:
Now you'll just need to get the miscellaneous achievements like "Just One More!," "True Survivor," as well as others.

Killer Instinct Classic 2 should be an easy 1000for people who've played this game in the past, though it might prove to be somewhat of a challenge for newcomers. But if you keep at it and learn the game you should eventually get the completion. Now go out there and fight!

[XBA would like to thank Darth Grif55 for this Roadmap]

Killer Instinct Classic 2 Achievement Guide

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There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Defeat Gargos with Fulgore.

    To defeat Gargos you will have to play arcade mode and defeat all of the other characters in the game with Gargos being your final opponent. Gargos is much harder than the rest of the cast as he has more health, does more damage and can heal himself. Try to find a move or two that you can exploit on Gargos, I find jumping kicksand low kicks to be effective with most characters. Once you get Gargos's health all the way down, either perform an uppercut or ultra on him and he shall be defeated.

  • Win 40 matches against the AI with Maya.

    You should already have a couple wins against the AI after beating Gargos with the character, now just play through the arcade mode again & rack up wins.

    Another simple way of doing this is defeating the first couple AI & then quitting out & starting a new arcade mode; your wins will still count & you will be facing easier opponents.

  • Win 40 matches against the AI with Orchid.

    See "Regal Might."

  • Win 40 matches against the AI with TJ Combo.

    See "Regal Might."

  • Win 40 matches against the AI with Fulgore.

    See "Regal Might."

  • Perform a Finishing Move

    Using Sabrewulf, get your opponent to 15% health (when their health bar is flashing in the second round of the match). Now hold light punch (on default controls it is  ) & bats should fly out, if they hit the opponent they will carry the opponent away & the achievement will pop. Note that your opponent can block the bats, so you might have to hold light punch again if they block it.

  • Perform an Ultra

    Ultras are cool "super" moves that you can do during a combo when your opponent's health bar is flashing, your character will do a series of automated moves & end the match. The easiest Ultra in the game to pull off is Sabrewulf's where you hold back on the Stick/D-Pad for a second, then push forward on the Stick/D-Pad & then press Light Punch ( on default controls).

  • Win 20 consecutive matches against the AI.

    If you are skilled enough, you can simply do this by playing through arcade mode twice. But an easier method to get this achievement is to start up an arcade mode, win against one or two enemies, then quit out, start out a new arcade mode & repeat the process.

    Achievement tracking is available in this game so you can check that out to keep track of your progress.

  • Win a match in every arena.

    By the time you beat arcade mode you will have played on most of the stages in the game. But now you must get a second controller and go into the player vs player mode. Once on the character select screen press  for the Spinal's Dock stage & then after that match press  on both controllers at the same time for the Sky Stage. After playing on both of those maps, you should have the achievement. 

    Note: This achievement is currently glitched, but the developers are aware of the issue & are working on a patch.

  • Defeat Gargos with Orchid.

    See "Matter Over Magic."

  • Defeat Gargos with TJ Combo.

    See "Matter Over Magic."

  • Win 40 matches against the AI with Glacius.

    See: "Regal Might."

  • Spend 400 credits

    This might be your last achievement, as it requires the most time to obtain. A credit is essentially a 'retry' that you do in arcade mode, each time you are defeated and get sent back to the character select screen counts as a retry. You must do this 400 times to get this achievement. Luckily you should already have a decent amount of retrys from getting the rest of the achievements in the game.

  • See all Victory Animations and Endings.

    You need to beat arcade mode with each character including Gargos who is a secret character. To unlock Gargos you must hold , then press         . Now Gargos will be on the character select screen, though if you lose you must put in the code again.

    After beating arcade mode with every character, go to the main menu and go to the 'Extras' section, then the 'Cutscenes' section. Luckily, you only have to beat arcade mode once with each character to get all of their endings. Now watch every ending and the achievement should pop. 

  • Perform an Ultra with every character in the game.

    To perform an Ultra, your opponent must have a flashing health bar that is around 15%. Now start a combo with your character and do one of the following inputs with the default controls (assuming you are to the left of your opponent:

    Fulgore: +

    Kim Wu:+

    Orchid: +

    TJ COmbo: Charge + 

    Maya: Charge  or Charge+

    Glacius: +

    Sabrewulf: Charge +

    Jago: +

    Spinal: +

    Tusk: +

  • Defeat Gargos with Spinal.

    See "Matter Over Magic."

  • Win 40 matches against the AI with Sabrewulf.

    See "Regal Might."

  • Win 40 matches against the AI with Jago.

    See "Regal Might."

  • Defeat Gargos with Glacius.

    See "Matter Over Magic."

  • Defeat Gargos with Jago.

    See "Matter Over Magic."

  • Defeat Gargos with Sabrewulf.

    See "Matter Over Magic."

  • Defeat Gargos with Kim Wu.

    See "Matter Over Magic."

  • Win 40 matches against the AI with Spinal.

    See "Regal Might."

  • Win 40 matches against the AI with Tusk.

    See "Regal Might."

  • Perform a No Mercy on every character in the game.

    Use the technique from "What a Mess" and do it on every character in the game including Gargos. Knocking a character off a stage using an uppercut also works.

  • Defeat Gargos using only one credit.

    This is the hardest achievement in the game, as the game is a bit challenging even on 'Extra Easy' mode. I would suggest doing this after you've gotten all of the '40 wins' achievements so you can see which character you're the best with.

    Besides doing it with your best character, an easier method is to use spinal and jump kick the opponent, then uppercut them as seen in this video:


  • Win 40 matches against the AI with Kim Wu.

    See "Regal Might."

  • Defeat Gargos with Tusk.

    See "Matter Over Magic."

  • Defeat Gargos with all characters.

    Simply play through arcade mode and beat Gargos with each of the 10 playable characters, this achievement should unlock when you beat Gargos with your final character.

  • Defeat Gargos with Maya.

    See "Matter Over Magic."

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