Wildlife Guru Achievement

  • Wildlife Guru



    Reach the rank of Wildlife Guru

    You should have most if not all achievements not long after reaching Level 10 which is 80,000XP. The Wildlife Guru is Level 20 and requires 140,000XP. Now this will probably take as long as did to get the rest of the achievements but by following this Tutorial it should make it a lot quicker. I got from Level 10 to 20 in less then two hours.

  • This Achievement pop up when you reach 140,000 EXP.
  • Got all the other achievements for 180 gamerscore by Level 10 which is about 80,000 XP so this is going to take quite a bit more time. Reckon your best bet is just make sure you go back to feed every now and again to feed with steak/chicken and mineral water for an easy 4500 xp.
  • Can be done really quickly if U have more than one cub! Might sound obvious to some but I played most of the game with my original cub, if U start 3 more cubs U gain experience super fast, just tend to each ones needs in turn spending about 5 mins on each one, feed, clean, stroke or play with toy. literally took me about 40 mins to gain the last 40,000 exp I needed!
  • @#3 I chose all other cubs but each time I switch to them, nothing needs to be done, they are all happy. Am I missing something? Do I have to start doing tricks in order for them to be registered as having been used or name them or something? Or maybe it has to do with which cub I was last on when I closed the application? Or maybe since I started using more than 3 more additional cubs I screwed myself over...

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