Pyromaniac Achievement in King Kong

  • Pyromaniac



    Jack used fire to scare off enemies and get out of harm's way.

  • How to unlock Pyromaniac

    Complete Chapter 4 "Scorpions" to unlock this achievement.
    See "Completed Game" for tips.
    This achievement is part of the storyline and CANNOT be missed.

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  • I cant remember the exact level of this game where it happens but a word to the wise. There is a chapter somewhere called 'Hayes'. When you start this chapter make sure you do not have the Thompson otherwise you will not be able to complete this chapter. If you do find yourself at the point where Hayes won't join you, then quit the game and reload. Whilst the loading screen is on hold down the start button until you get the pause menu. Enter the cheats screen and input the code 'KKtigun'. If you die before you get past this bit you will have to enter the code again, just make sure the level doesn't actually load before you get the pause menu up.
  • Thanks, i was stuck on this for ages, he wouldn't jump off the rock outcrop =/
  • I tried that, and every other suggestion that I could find on the internet. Nothing worked for me. I had to start again. So frustrating!!!!!
  • Does this game still have all the glitches everyone said they encountered. Plus these achievements u get by playing through or do u need to do those certain things
  • just play through the game its not that hard but the view does get annoying. None of the achievements are missable.
  • @#5 thanks bro just picked up the game for $5 thought I'd give it a try & now an easy unmissable 1000 GS lol
  • this game is s easy i completed it within a day for ps2 and xbox 360
  • what a big disappointment trying to get passed this glitch. I gave up after wasting four hours trying to figure out what to do. best advice is to stay off the cheats until you get past HAYES level 8.
  • got it on the first try after finishing the level where you have to burn the busjes and kill the centypede and scorpions with the lance on fire.

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