-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Offline: 7 [80]
-Online: 5 [120]
-Approximate amount of time to 2002-6 Hours 
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: 3 ("Uncontrollable," "Skill Hunter," and "The King of Fighters").
-Glitched achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No 

Step 1 - Arcade Mode:
Before actually heading into arcade mode we need to do two things to make all arcade mode achievements as easy as possible. First, on the main menu go to help & options. Then settings, and now battle settings. Change the following settings:

  • CPU-Level to 1
  • Defense Level 1p to 8
  • Defense Level 2p to 1
  • Power Gauge 1p to Max

Now exit that, and go to practice mode and choose advance mode. Now pick a character you want or like it doesn't matter. For the RoadMap I am going to use Joe Higashi (Top Row, sixth over). It does not matter who the CPU punching bag is. Then go to command and then edit. Input "Down, Down & Right, Right, Down, Down & Right, Right, LP, and SP" Hit END to save and back up. Now hit exit, and say yes to command change. Now that Super Desperate move is assigned to a single press of the 

If you chose a different character, go to skill, and flick to the last page of skills for that character's Super Desperate Move. SDMs require both LP and SP.

Now that all your set up is done head to arcade mode and just spam . Given that you have one perfect match and Leona (Uri) or Lora (Uri) show up you should have all but one offline achievement left to get. This achievement is "Assist Attack." It's worth noting that you character and the other characters you chose must be from the same team and like each other in order for this achievement to work. If all went well then you should have gotten "Untouchable," "Perfect Match," "Uncontrollable," "Score Hunter," "Champion," and "The King of Fighters."

Step 2 - Online:
You will need a boosting partner for this as the online is dead. All matches must be done in ranked matches. In order to expedite the process the loser can quit once the match has started. First go for "10 Continuous Wins" for each person, this will earn the winner "5 Continuous Wins" and "Rookie" as well. After that each person will need 90 more wins will knockout "Professional" and "The King" for both players.

Given that you manually enter combos without ever needing to perform them and assign them to a single button press, this game becomes easy. It just is a bit of grind to finish the online component of the achievements.

[XBA would like to thank KellyNUTS and KillerBEA for this Roadmap]

King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Pass level perfectly in one round (without injury) ( Arcade/Single Play Only ).

    After you have begun using Orochi this will come fairly easy, most likely within your first few fights.


  • Finish the game (can continue) ( Arcade/Single Play Only ).

    Set the difficulty to 1(Easiest)
    Set your players power guage to MAX
    Set your defence to level 8
    Set CPU's defence to level 1

    OK remember you may want to unlock Orochi in this playthrough, so if you play Arcade/Team you will need 6-9 Super Finishes(DM's or SDM's) before the 7th match. You may want to hit "Practice" and scope out a few characters and their move sets, some recommended characters and their (S)DM's are:

    Joe : , , , , , +
    Kasumi : , , , , , +
    Krauser: , , , , , +
    Eiji : , , , , , , +
    Ryo, Takuma, Robert & Yuri: , , , , , +

    If u press the at the same time with the after each of the above moves it will turn it into the more powerful SDM version, which makes Joe's move EXTREMELY effective!!

    NOTE: If your good enough you can spam normal characters supers and try and earn all the offline achevements in 1 playthrough. The ones listed above are good characters to try and go for all the achievements in 1 playthough, especially Joe!!

    Ok lets start Pick Orochi as your main(1st character). If in Team/Arcade mode pick him as your main/1st character and any other 2 characters, who wont be used at all.


  • Finish the game ( can't lose one round, can't continue) ( Arcade/Single Play Only ).

    You will carry on use the same buttons combination as "Uncontrollable", just keep progressing without loosing a round and using a continue. Just keep going until you finish the game.


  • Iori(Ura) or Leona(Ura) appear as CPU ( Arcade/Single Play Only ).

    This achievement is missable.

    To have them appear you will need to have between 6 and 9 Super Finishes, (DM's or SDM's) you cant lose a single round before the 4th Battle/Team. Giving you 9 tries to get this right.

    This achievement can be missable because Rugal can show up instead of Iori(Ura) or Leona(Ura). If he does just press on and come back for it later or restart and try again.

    After you have picked Orochi as your 1st character and the round starts, move away from your opponent and let the spamming begin!

    Use this combination:
    , , , , , +
    If you time this move correctly it will be the only move you will have to do in the game. Its also a Super(DM) move so if u do 6-9 finishes with it before the 4th battle you will have a chance at the "Uncontrollable" achievement. After you fight Iori(Ura) or Leona(Ura) and the achievement unlocks.


  • Highest point exceeds 300 thousand ( Arcade/Single Play Only ).

    Earn as many points as you can by following the guidance under "Uncontrollable", this should unlock half way through the "The King of Fighters' if you have scored enough. If not you will need to start over, try to get more perfects and (S)DM finishes.


  • Achieve 5 straight wins in Xbox LIVE fight.

    See "10 Continuous Wins".


  • Achieve 10 straight wins in Xbox LIVE fight.

    As the title says, win 10 Matches without losing in between, they need to be in ranked matches. These can be boosted with a little patience and a partner. Once the game has begun(as early as the character select screen) the player that will be losing can quit the game and get a WIN recorded for the other player.


  • Rookie



    Achieve 10 wins in Xbox LIVE fight.

    See "The King".


  • Achieve 50 wins in Xbox LIVE fight.

    See "The King".


  • Achieve 100 wins in Xbox LIVE fight.

    As the title says, rack up 100 wins, They must be in ranked matches. These can be boosted with a little patience and a partner. Once the game has begun(as early as the character select screen) the player that will be losing can quit the game and get a WIN recorded for the other player.


  • Achieve straight win ( Arcade Play Only ).

    This one is to beat a whole team with 1 character, you should be able to unlock this achievement on your second playthrough with ease while going for "The King Of Fighters" achievement using Orochi.


  • Perform an assist attack ( Arcade Play Only ).

    This is the most time consuming achievement in the game, use the following thread to earn this achievement with ease.

    Assist Attack Guidance Thread


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