Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
Offline: 50 [1000]
Approximate time: 40-80hrs (depends on side quests)
Minimum number of play-throughs needed: 1 (Start on hard)
Missable achievements: Yes
Does difficulty affect Achievements?: Yes
Unobtainable/glitched achievements?: No

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a story guided by author R.A. Salvatore. You play as a "fateless one," guiding yourself on a journey through the Faelands to fight Tirnoch and and his army of Tuatha. You will upgrade skills and abilities to help you fight, craft, pick, and stealth your way through a cavalcade of creatures and quests, in this very open-ended game.

Preparation/Playthrough (Hard difficulty):
This game offers a very straightforward achievement list with all very easy, but time consuming achievements. A grind for achievements will be slightly more taxing than if you were to play through the game normally but still just as easy.

Six of the achievements are strictly unmissable. Read through the guide for all the others but know that about half will come while trying to do the faction achievements and crafting except for: Out of Your League, A Wink and a Smile, and Destiny Dominated. All of these can be easily obtained by following the descriptions under their respective achievements. All the other achievements that seem missable in the normal course of play can be obtained easily after the main story has been completed.

The most time consuming achievement will be "Loremaster" as it will require you to explore much of the world on foot. Keep the maps of Lorestone locations handy, found HERE, and you should be able to knock this out efficiently. Use this list of trainers to maximize your skill points to save time and use skill points from leveling toward other skills.

Make sure you start your game on Hard and do not change the difficulty at any time to properly unlock "Destiny Dominated."

Skill Minimums:
In order to get achievements for each skill-based achievement (see trainer list above), you'll need the minimum rank in each skill:

Alchemy - 5 points, 3-5 should be sufficient until you find the 4-6 trainer.
Blacksmithing - 10 points, buy as much training for this skill as possible - the first trainer is at the warsworn camp.
Detect Hidden - 2 points, if you max detect hidden it will make finding lorestones much easier.
Dispelling - None, 4 points will make this much easier.
Lockpick - None, 2-3 should suffice just for getting you the achievement.
Mercantile - None, less points will actually net you the spending achievement faster but hurt your gold income.
Persuasion - None, best to wait to get to House of Ballads and purchase training from Ellova after the tutorial.
Sagecraft - 8 points, again save for training, buy when you can spare it.
Stealth - None, 3 points will get you enough to get the backstabs.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Achievement Guide

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There are 61 achievements with a total of 1300 points

  • ハウス・オブ・バラッドのファクションクエストをクリアした。

    The quest "Building Bridges" will start this quest line. This is the quest obtained by the man standing over the injured Fae in Gorhart at the beginning of the game. You will end up in the Fae court and get the "Song of Sir Sagrell" quest which will put you on the path for the quest chain. Follow the line from there to obtain this achievement:

    • Song of Sir Sagrell
    • Ballad of Bloody Bones
    • Two Knights and a Troll
    • What Lies Beneath
    • The Champions
    • Cursed Kingdom
    • The Hero and the Maid
  • ハウス・オブ・ソローのファクションクエストをクリアした。

    This starts on the second island. Once you progress the main story to unlock the gate of Mel Senshir ("Hero of Mel Senshir" achievement), you will be forced to talk to the person outside who begins this quest line:

    • The Sorrows Call
    • Voices of the Dead
    • A House Divided
    • The Weeping King
    • The Eldest
    • Such Sweet Sorrow
  • アルカナ大学のファクションクエストをクリアした。

    The entrance to the city of Ysa (found in Sidhe, east of Gorhart) houses the NPC Sola who will point you towards the city of Caer Nyralim to the southwest. Again follow the long chain and you will unlock this achievement. To further clarify, once inside Ysa the Scholia Arcana house is the southernmost building. There you will find "Docent Augra;" she will start your chain with the quest "Trial by Fire."

    • Trial by Fire
    • The Ruin of Aodh
    • The Unquiet Bride
    • Shardfall
    • Lightning in a Bottle
    • A Crowded Mind
    • Revelation
  • トラベラーズのファクションクエストをクリアした。

    To start this you must venture to Star Camp. You can get there by going east from Gorhart to Youlan, south to Webwood, east to Haxhi, and following it northeast to the wood heading towards Sidhe. You will be greeted by a man in leather garb offering you to join the ranks of the Travelers, simply agree and go inside, following the quest. Complete the chain to get this:

    • The Guided Hands
    • The Silent Step
    • Jailbreak
    • Something Borrowed
    • Going Rogue
    • Mirror, Mirror
    • Outside the Box
    • Classic Misdirection
    • Thick as Thieves
  • ウォースウォーンのファクションクエストをクリアした。

    If you talk to Ost Odura in the Gorhart Inn (the northern building by the fountain), he will start you on a chain towards completing this achievement. Simply follow the line to get this one done:

    • The Commendation
    • The Road Patrol
    • Rally Cry
    • The Heart of Sibun
    • Lock and Key
    • House of No Doors
    • The Isle of Eamonn
    • The Mystic Hammer
    • The Mountain Prison
  • 1回のフェイトシフトで敵を5体倒した。

    The Fateshift ability is unlocked when you meet the Fateweaver on the path towards Gorhart after leaving the tutorial area, the Well of Souls. As you kill enemies, you will gain Fate Essence to use towards Reckoning Mode. You can activate this by holding and simultaneously when the purple bar (the middle one) is full. Simply wait to use your Reckoning until five or more enemies are around, knock them all out so they have over their heads and the achievement will unlock once you've performed the Reckoning.

  • ニスカルを25体倒した。

    You will get this with natural story progression.

    However, there is an infinite Niskaru spawn available during "The Erathell's Blessing" side quest in Ayten if you want to knock this out quickly. Go to Ayten (first city along the road in the Plains of Etrathell) and talk to Singing Nell. She'll give you a quest to activate the five Windstones at Ayten Circle. The trick is to not activate them in the correct order, which is Lowest, Low, Medium, High, Highest. Starting at any one stone, activate each stone in a counter-clockwise motion (but not the correct pattern). This will summon a Niskaru. Defeat and repeat.

  • 自分より4レベル以上高い敵を倒した。

    The levels of enemies can be seen by the color of their name above their head. Yellow is your level, orange is two levels above you, and red is four. Simply venture to unknown areas using your map () to find a red-tagged enemy. To make the fight simple, save a Reckoning ability with which to kill him. The damage from your attacks will help kill any surrounding creatures and easily help you dispatch the mob.

    If you leave the starting zone for the zone to the southeast (Haxhi) you should be able to find a thresh that's easy to kill, especially with DLC armor and weapons, and a saved Reckoning. Alternatively, load up the Autosave that the game creates just after the tutorial and head to Gorhart. Commit a crime and agree to jail, then escape and (with a Reckoning), attack and kill either the other prisoner. Open his cell with the switch near the chest that your equipment is in.

  • 盗賊を50人倒した。

    One of the easier achievements in the game. Bandits can be found almost everywhere and this achievement should unlock very early for you. It's likely to unlock when you get into the second area east of Gohart.

  • ユニーク武器を10個取得した(特別配達の武器は含まない)。

    Unique items are marked by their Purple names. Simply look for all chests and be thorough in searching corpses as you go and you should have this in no time. You can possibly acquire two of them in the starting zone. This achievement only tracks weapons, so if you feel like you've got a ton of Purple items and don't have the achievement, double check if you've counted any armor or accessories by accident.

    Note that you do not have to keep the weapons in your inventory to earn the achievement, so feel free to sell them as you go if you don't plan to use them.

  • パリィを100回行った。

    To parry attacks you must have a shield equipped, then press and hold just as the enemy is about to hit you. You will know if you timed it correctly when the game slows down for about a half a second and the enemy is knocked backwards. It is important to note that you do not take damage from a proper execution of the parry defense, and thus you can farm parries on one enemy if you prefer a different style of combat. Simply repeat it 100 times for the achievement.

  • 罠で敵を25体倒した。

    The first trap that you will have access to is the Frost Trap on the right side of the Finesse tree. It will take 6 points to get this ability and more for it to start being lethal. The following skill, Icy Explosion, will add to its damage modifiers making this achievement easier to obtain. To use your ability hold and the corresponding button to which you have mapped the trap. These can be laid in combat.

  • パリィから繰り出すムーブを25回行った。

    The Riposte skill will require 50 points spent in one of either the Might or Finesse class specializations to unlock the final Weaponry focus, which will unlock the after-parry attack for the specified weapons. It is the leftmost tree in each of those classes. Note that the Sorcery tree does not have an after-parry special attack! Alternatively, you can put 37 points into each of the three trees to unlock the "Mastery of Arms" perk which will give you every available weapon ability.

    To perform the special attack, follow the method to parry found in the "Foiled Again!" achievement, then simply use a basic attack with whichever Weaponry focus you've obtained during the "slow-mo" time after the successful parry.

  • コンボ攻撃を100回成功させた。

    To achieve this simply continue attacking with the same weapon until the attack chain is complete. Usually this will stagger the foe or trigger a weapon effect such as poison or fire damage. You can get this by the time you leave the starting area. Just use basic combos to start, rather than switching between your weapons/magic.

  • アビリティで敵を100体倒した。

    See "And Then There Were None" for more information.

  • アビリティで敵を500体倒した。

    Abilities are the attacks you will map to your UI, and are used by holding and selecting one of the face buttons. Traps count toward this achievement; however, sustained skills (such as Envenomed Edge or Blade Honing from the Finesse tree) and buffs (such as Relentless Assault from the Might tree) do not! It has to be classed as an "active" skill, as well as being the skill itself that kills the enemy.

    If you don't use too many abilities, simply return to the starting area toward the end of the game and one-shot a bunch of low-level enemies with Storm Bolt from the Sorcery tree. You can also do the Arena in the House of Valor (DLC) for quick kills.

  • 放り上げた敵に5連続攻撃を行う。

    There are countless moves that will launch an enemy into the air, any of which can net you this with ease. This can be done early on with the starting weapons (longsword/bow), described by "yevinorion" - "For juggler, best used with longsword and bow, in the very beginning part. Time two sword attacks with a small pause in between the attacks to launch an enemy in the air, then spam arrows when an enemy is in the air and it should unlock, easy."

    This can also be done with a Faeblade Riposte or full dagger combo while the enemy is in the air. Both will net enough hits automatically.

  • フェイトエッセンスを使ってポーションを製作した。

    The Essence of Fate potions can all be made once your alchemy reaches level 5. Your character must be at least level 8 to reach this level of skill. Once you have done so, experiment with any of the four base ingredients listed HERE such as Bloodroot, Cohosh, and Embereyes. After you learn the potion, you must actually create it to get the achievement.

  • 実験で安定したポーションを調合した。

    The first possible place to mix potions is in Gohart, in the western foremost building opposite the blacksmith. If you take a right when you enter, you'll be in the the basement. There you will find an alchemy mixing station and you can experiment. A few quick examples can be found in this thread HERE. You will also get this if you wait to do "Elixir of Fate."

    Note that if you increase your Alchemy skill to level 10 before getting this, you'll automatically learn every recipe and will not be able to unlock it! Start a new save file if you do this by accident.

  • 各素材を10個ずつ採集した。


    You need to harvest (not just find/loot) ten each of the reagents below. Putting points into Alchemy will increase the chance of harvesting. All harvest points will respawn after some time, so sleep at a bed if you need to use the same spawn points. Names and locations are as follows (note that you have to complete a side quest to rebuild Seawatch before reagents will spawn there):

    • Bloodroot - Seawatch, located to the left of Caeled Coast on the map.
    • Seaflax - Seawatch.
    • Scarlet Flowstone - Seawatch by alchemical lab.
    • Scarwood Bark - Seawatch.
    • Sky Blossom - Seawatch.
    • Tindertwig - Seawatch.
    • Black Cohosh - Allestar Tower, start of the game, also found basically everywhere.
    • White Flake - Shardfall, top left of Cradle of Summer, inside cave.
    • Eel Petal - Allestar Tower, at least 2 on the way to first town in the game.
    • Scarab Salts - Shardfall.
    • Star Thistle - Seawatch.
    • Softscrabble Powder - The Court of Winter, final warp point in the game, just warp and turn around.
    • Sativa Fibers - Seawatch.
    • Cripplespore Caps - Stonecandle Mines, first mine at start of game, also found in most caves.
    • Edelweiss - House of Valor, 2 inside warp point, big white bush, also all over the desert.
    • Ysa's Breath - Seawatch.
    • Embereyes - Seawatch.
    • Leechwood Bark - Seawatch.
    • Prismere Dust - The Court of Winter.

    The only exception to the Harvest rule seems to be Essence of Fate. This can be looted from bodies after using Reckoning and it counts toward your ten. More help with this achievement can be found HERE. If at the end of the game you don't have this achievement, sell all your reagents and then start Prismere Dust, harvesting ten of everything. Do not loot anything other than Essence of Fate! This will help you easily earn the achievement.

  • 装備を修理した。

    The earliest you can get this achievement is actually inside the tutorial. You can find your repair kits inside the menu: inventory>items>item. Highlight the repair kit with the left analog stick hit the button and highlight the item you wish to repair, then confirm and you're done.

  • 鍛冶で装備を製作した。

    See "Master of the Forge" for more information.

  • 部品スロットを5つ使用する装備を製作した。

    As you get items you can visit the blacksmith/forge and salvage parts from them to make more gear for your character. The higher your level of Blacksmithing, the higher the item quality you can salvage - white, green, blue, purple will each offer better components with which to make new items. You will need to be at a minimum of level 16 and a level 10 in Blacksmithing before you can get this achievement. You'll need to have one of each component types, including gems, available for whichever type of item you're trying to make. Go through your list once you reach level 10 in Blacksmithing and you should have enough for something. If not, keep playing and visit some vendors to fill up your component bag a bit and try again.

  • エピックジェムを製作した。

    You will need to be at least a level 8 Sagecrafter and at a minimum level of 16 to craft an epic gem. Simply add shards you've made or found to create a combination that will make an epic gem at an altar. You can see what the output will be before confirming, so don't worry about trying different combinations.

  • 上級シャードを製作した。

    This achievement can be obtained by combining two of any quality shard - cloudy, lambent, or pristine to create a pristine shard. You will need to be at least level 3 in Sagecrafting in order to get this achievement. Shards can be picked up from anything, but are most commonly found in chests and warded objects. Visit an altar, such as the one in the building in Gohart, reachable after completing the "Crisis of Faith" quest to craft these gems.

  • ステルスキルを20体の敵に行った。

    The tutorial will teach you how to sneak up on an enemy by pressing to enter stealth mode. Simply sneak up behind them and hit or (depending on where your daggers are equipped) to backstab them. For this achievement, it actually requires that you kill the enemy with the backstab. You'll know ahead of time if they'll die or not because the icon will have a red tint around the edges. If the attack will not kill, it will be a normal circle.

  • ロケーションを100か所発見した。


    As you explore the world, locations will be discovered and appear on the map screen's world screen (hit at the map screen to switch between local and world). Any named location you've discovered counts towards the 100 needed.

  • 隠されたオブジェクトを25個発見した。


    Detect Hidden is a skill that will allow you to see hidden rooms and places where you can find unique and helpful goodies to help you in the adventure (logs, rock piles, wells, etc). Take a few points in this early on and you will have this after a little bit of natural exploring - loot spots will show as orange dots on your mini-map. Maxing this skill will also help with "Loremaster" as the Lorestones will show up on the map as well.

  • ロアストーンを175個発見した。


    Lorestones are obelisk-like structures found throughout the world that offer bonus XP per stone found and insight to history and lore behind the game's story, culture, and lives of the people in the game. All Lorestone locations can be found at the IGN site HERE. Another easy way to do this is to make sure you put enough points in Detect Hidden to be maxed out, this will show you all locations of Lorestones on the local map.

  • 本を50冊読んだ。

    Books can be found on shelves in buildings just about anywhere, look for highlighted bookcases to find books for you to read. You can also hit to inspect the book then again to read it to avoid having to steal it.

    If you need a quick cache of books, head to the Luminary Leaf in Rathir. You can purchase 17 books there to read. There are also 9 to be found in the House of Valor (DLC).

  • 200,000ゴールドを使った。

    Spend cash as you get it. You will likely have a few million with the game's completion so this achievement should come with ease. Just buy things you like when you feel comfortable doing so. Spending money on bribes, Fateweaving and training also counts towards this achievement.

  • アイテムを盗み売却した。

    The first place you'll likely come across to sell fenced goods is Star Camp. See "Travelers" for its location. The only shop owner there is the fence. Still works if the stolen item is in your Junk folder.

  • スリを20回行った。

    When in stealth you have the option to pickpocket any individual by pressing the button while near them. Stealing an item, stopping, and stealing another item from the same individual also counts as separate thefts. Repeat 20 times.

    It has been found that the pickpocket must be a successful attempt in order to count towards the achievement. A successful attempt is one made unnoticed.

  • 脱獄




    If you are caught committing a crime, you're given the choice to pay off the bounty with a fee (which you will use toward "Crime Doesn't Pay") or to serve time in jail. If you choose to not breakout while in jail you will lose XP; if you do break out you will gain value in bounty and risk being caught again. Gohart is a great place to do this. You can also make a save to commit crimes and get the achievement before reverting back to your pious and righteous save when you are done if you so choose.

  • 罪を犯して25回捕まった。

    Any crime you commit must be seen; this can be assault (damaging a person), murder, theft, etc. Simply get caught for crimes 25 times and you're set. If you pickpocket a character then attack them and run away out of the village for a day or two of in-game time, it will leave them alive and give you the credit you need. Or if you have the money, simply commit the crime and pay the bribe to try and knock out the bribe money as well for "Crime Doesn't Pay."

  • 賄賂に10,000ゴールド以上を使った。

    See "A Life of Crime" for more informtion. Just keep choosing the option to bribe instead of going to jail.

  • 二種混合ディスティニーをアンロックした。

    See "Jack of all Trades" for more information.

  • 最上級のディスティニーをアンロックした。

    See "Jack of all Trades" for more information.

  • 三種混合ディスティニーをアンロックした。

    You will unlock destiny cards for the first time after meeting the Fateweaver on the way to Gohart. As you level you will be given points to spend as you see fit in the three trees: finesse, sorcery and might. The more points you put into each tree, the higher the tiered destiny cards you will unlock. There are single class, dual class, and triple class specializations. Single revolves around putting points in just one tree, dual are a choice of two, and triple is of course all three. The requirements for each card can be found in the parentheses at the top. You must have that many points in that allotted tree to use that specific destiny card. By level 2 you can have the Jack of All Trades destinies (putting one point in each finesse, might and sorcery), by level 5 you can have the dual class card, and by level 37 you will have the top tier card if you put all the rest of your points into only one tree - I believe one more level would net you what you need for top tier if you did the dual or tri-spec.

  • 50個の錠前を開錠した。


    Simply pick 50 locked chests. This will come in no time if you are searching for chests. A post with lockpicking help can be found HERE.

  • 守護魔法を50回解呪した。

    Wards can be found throughout the world. They are found as glowing purple objects. You will play a mini-game where a cursor will loop around a ring and you must time hitting the button as the cursor goes over the top of the runes in places. As the runes get more difficult you must time your rune activation to be in flow as some runes offer less time until they deactivate. You'll also have to avoid the red runes or it will fail. Invest a few points into the Dispelling skill to make this a bit easier.

    Runed objects can explode if you fail.

  • 説得を50回成功させた。


    In conversations with NPCs there will occasionally be options that arise where you can persuade the NPC for items, gold, help, etc. These are highlighted in green text and can be found on the radial wheel, inside of dialogue. There will be a percentage next to it which shows your chance of success. It will be wise to invest points in, and seek out trainers for, Persuasion to maximize the number of outcomes towards this 50. Save often so that you may revert, if need be, to pass all attempts.

    A large list of quests that can offer persuasion attempts has been compiled HERE.

  • 物を1,000個壊した。

    Boxes, Urns, and objects of other storing varieties can be found throughout the world. Let it be noted that all objects will respawn inside of towns and other places after you have left for some time.


Secret achievements

  • 復活




    Story related achievement, can't be missed.

  • 至高王ティタリオンと出会い、自らの真の力と向き合った。

    Story-related achievement, can't be missed.

  • オクティエンヌに、彼の実験に関する死霊魔術の秘密を告白させた。

    Story-related achievement, can't be missed.

  • ベイラーを倒した。

    Story-related achievement, can't be missed.

  • ティアノックを倒し、宿命に打ち勝った。

    Story-related achievement, can't be missed.

  • 難易度ハードでゲームをクリアした。

    Simply play through the game on the hard difficulty to get this achievement. Switching the difficulty via the menu before the final battle will not unlock the achievement, so you must play through the whole game on hard. You can choose your difficulty when you start a new game.

    Note: Be aware that the achievement takes over 30 seconds to unlock, so don't freak out when you finish the game and nothing happens right away!

  • 裸の状態で誰かに話しかけた。

    To get this achievement simply talk to any individual wearing no clothes. You can do this by going to to your inventory menu, select armor, and then select each piece you may be wearing and remove the item. Rings, necklaces, and shields all need to be removed as well. Talk to a shop owner or NPC to unlock once you're down to your underwear.

DLC: The Legend of Dead Kel

There are 5 achievements with a total of 150 points

  • ガローズ・エンドの8本のメッセージボトルをすべて発見した。


    The eight bottles can be found in the following locations:

    1. As soon as you wash up on the island, on the right side of the beach.
    2. To the left of the entrance to Souldeep Fasting.
    3. At the bottom of the ramp leading to Tidal Pools. You need to jump from the platform the gallows are on in Cape Solace to reach this area.
    4. In the "middle finger" of the northern shore of Scuttle Beach.
    5. Directly across the river from Aubrey Gilcrest.
    6. In the "outdoor" section of Mudhold Fasting, where the woman for the side-quest is located.
    7. In the "outdoor" section of Undersea Fasting, the very farthest point of the dungeon.
    8. Just outside the entrance to Brigand's Hideaway. You must start the side-quest "The Exiles" after completing the main quest to access this area.

    The bottles do not show up on your map (unless you have the Dowsing Rod pre-order item), nor do they have any type of "glow" like normal lootable objects. The achievement will unlock as soon as you hit to take the eighth bottle.

  • グレイバル砦が完全に復興した。

    As soon as you get to Cape Solace, speak with the gnome to begin this quest line. You will want to watch for any item labeled "Bundle of" while looting, as these are the materials he will ask for to upgrade. Each section of the keep will require a 15-20 minute wait in real time (or just sleep for 24 hours game time) before the upgrade is complete and you can turn in the next set of materials, so start this early and keep checking back while you do the main quest line. The final quest will not be available until you've stolen The Requiem during the main quest.

    If you don't have the materials he needs right away, be sure to make this quest your active one and your map will be marked with loot locations that have what you're missing.

  • スキャブを50体倒した。

    Scavs look similar to Niskaru, but also have a projectile acid they spit at you. You won't have 50 just by completing the main quest, so once you're done with that you can get about a dozen kills from just killing the ones in Undersea Fasting, Cliffbreak Fasting and Souldeep Fasting, then sleep at Gravehal Keep for 48 hours to respawn them and repeat until it unlocks.

    Note: If you kill a Scav with one hit (such as with a powerful Meteor spell), the kill for some reason will not count. Use normal weapon attacks to be safe.


Secret achievements

  • オーブリー・ギルクレストの失われた手を発見した。

    Before you can actually acquire the hand, you'll need to complete the quest "Scattered Fragments" that she gives you. It consists of four separate treasure hunts. She will give you the first piece of each treasure map before each segment of the quest, while you'll need to find the other two in the locations below. You may as well collect all the map pieces first, then just dig all the treasures and turn them in successively.

    Northern Coast

    1. Given by Aubrey
    2. Mudhold Fasting
    3. Mudhold Fasting

    Scuttle Beach

    1. Given by Aubrey
    2. Undersea Fasting
    3. Undersea Fasting


    1. Given by Aubrey
    2. Siren's Cave
    3. Souldeep Fasting

    Cape Solace

    1. Given by Aubrey
    2. Cliffbreak Fasting
    3. Brigand's Hideaway

    Once you have all three pieces of a map, "use" one of them from your inventory to combine the three pieces and reveal the location of the treasure. After you dig up the first treasure, return to Aubrey and repeat the process for the other three. After finding all four treasures using the map locations, follow the video below to kill and loot a crab who has apparently eaten her hand!

  • ラスタ・ブラティガンの愛情を得た。

    When speaking with Rast Brattigan during the main quest, be sure to always choose the "nice" options (top right on the dialogue wheel). Once you have defeated Dead Kel in the main quest and returned to Cape Solace, speak with Rast to unlock the achievement. You can speak with her at any time, so don't fret if you forget for a while after finishing the main quest.

    If the achievement does not unlock upon speaking with her, you've not been nice and she won't want to woo you - you'll have to get this on another save file/character.

DLC: Teeth of Naros

There are 6 achievements with a total of 150 points

  • プテリクスを50体倒した。

    Pteryx are bird like creatures that you'll encounter throughout the DLC. There's at least 21 of these enemies during the main quest alone. There are a bunch more of them in the sewers and undersewers. They'll respawn at the Eryie Peak location as well.

    People have reported this achievement not popping for them. It's thought that this might be like the "Exterminator" Scav achievement from the Dead Kel DLC, where if you one-shot the enemy, it doesn't register the kill. So make sure you don't use your most powerful abilities/spells on these enemies.


Secret achievements

  • 部下を殺すことなく、カールンクを倒した。

    This is a missable achievement. Near the beginning of the DLC, you'll have to kill a Jottun Warlord named Kahrunk. He will be assisted by 2 Kobolds during the fight. Simply kill Kahrunk before you kill the Kobolds.

    If you miss this achievement, this is the first real quest of the DLC, so reload a save from before you started the DLC if you have one and redo this quest.

  • ナロスの牙でカロッサエを運命から解放した。

    This achievement is story-related and can't be missed. This achievement is awarded upon completion of the main quest line.

  • アイデラの下水道に隠れていた謎のアルメイン人を発見した。

    You will need to go into the Undersewers for the main quest "Shapen in Iniquity." You'll be going here to retrieve an item from a coffin. Once you've done this, instead of going back out the way you came, continue down the path through the Undersewers. You'll eventually be able to jump down a hole to where this Almain is living. He's really the only NPC in the area, so you can track him on your map by searching for the white arrow.

  • ヘンジを使ってアイデラに入った。

    You'll get this achievement during the "Rites of Passage" quest. As soon as you use the Henge to travel to Idylla, the achievement will pop.

  • アイデラ・コンコースから転落して死亡した。

    You can do this as soon as you first get to Idylla. When in Idylla, there's a huge pit in the middle of the city. Simply walk up to the edge, and press the command to jump off. You'll die and the achievement will pop. Save beforehand of course. This may seem missable because at a certain point during the main quest, the city becomes inaccessible. After completion of the main quest line however, you'll gain access to the city again and can jump to your death as you please.

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