- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 13 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 10004-6 Hours (can be as low as 2 hours)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 
- Missable achievements: No [Level Select]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: No 

Welcome to LA Cops, an iso-metric shooter in the vein of Hotline Miami but nowhere near as good (or as fun). But it is a relatively easy 1,000 gamerscore if you get around the initially awful learning curve and learn to abuse the game's dubious A.I.

The game is split into 8 story chapters and 5 extra missions. Each of them has it's own set of objectives but mainly you simply have to kill ALL criminals and destroy a few objectives along the way. Nothing too arduous.

The most important level is actually the first one, Donut Shop, as here you can easily get the "No Deaths", "No Hits" and "All Arrests" achievements with very little effort. You can also use this level to grind easy XP to max out your cops, for the Max Stats achievement, and make your runthrough easier on the higher difficulties.

Once you have completed all 8 story missions you will get an achievement. Then you need to complete them ALL again on each of the other difficulties, as well as doing the 5 bonus missions on every difficulty. Doing this will get you "All Missions", "Hardcore Mode" and "Nightmare Mode". Extra tips are in the guide.

Along the way try and kill every criminal you can (you'll be doing this anyway) to get all of the kill achievements. All kills count, even when you have to restart a checkpoint but arrests do NOT. You should easily get 1000+ kills by the time you have completed the game even once.

This is a straightforward, but sometimes frustrating, completion. The game is not very long but the ease with which you can die means it sometimes feels much harder than it should be. Learn to use your partner, lure enemies and take advantage of doors/corners and you should breeze through it.

[XBA would like to thank jackanape for this Roadmap]

LA Cops Achievement Guide

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There are 13 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Finish any level without losing any Cops.

    This can be done on any level but is easiest on the first one, Donut Shop. You can also stack this with All Arrests and No Hits.

    Pick Normal difficulty and any two cops, having them upgraded will make this easier but is not required. Head into the first room and you’ll see two guys circling in the next one, wait until they are both facing away from you then run in and arrest them (). If you are worried you can just arrest the nearest guy – then back out of the door and wait to get the jump on the second one. Now move up to the next room and you’ll see another guy in here. Again wait until he is moving away from the door and rush in to arrest him. The next room is the hardest due to the fact there are three guys and they often walk in random patterns. You can zoom out and walk against the wall of the room you are in to see where they are before you head in. If you are just out for No Hits/Deaths then you can run in and shoot them all (you can use to lock on to the nearest guy). But for all arrests you need to be more careful. If two guys are at the far end of the room and one is near the door, then wait for the one nearest to look away and then run in and arrest him. Back out and wait for the others to face away and repeat. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and all three will be spaced out, looking the opposite way, so you can rush in and nab them all. If you do get shot while arresting them, then you can just replay the level once you get All Arrests and kill the criminals instead.

    If one of your cops dies, you’ll need to restart the level to get this.

  • Arrest all criminals in any level.

    Can be done on any level but see “No Deaths” for the best way to go about it, if you kill a criminal, then you will need to restart the level to get this.

  • Complete all 8 main story missions.

    There are 13 missions in the game but only the middle 8 are the story ones you have to complete for this achievement, the extra missions are all in dark blue boxes so you can tell the difference. Can be done on any difficulty, easiest on Normal. Take your time and lure enemies towards you and your partner if you can. Hide around corners and shoot at doors to make nearby foes run towards you – then arrest/shoot them as they come around the corner. If your partner dies then try to find a First Aid kit and revive them ASAP. Do this even if you've killed all enemies - as it means they won't start the next area with just a pistol.

    1) Donut Shop - Only one area with 6 criminals. Easy to arrest them all if you take your time, even easier to kill them all on any difficulty.

    2) Bauhaus - Two areas here. On the first floor you just have to kill all criminals. Stand next to doors, fire a shot or two and watch the nearby enemies come flooding towards you. Kill them as they pop around the corner. Be sure to mop up the guys in the garden too then head to the next area. Same again up here, either attract attention by shooting near doors or shoot an enemy then retreat around a corner as the rest run to you. Interact with the glowing guy in the last room to finish.

    3) Mansion - First area is insta-death on Nightmare (for some reason) so take your time and lure enemies towards you. Be sure to melee all of the glowing tables to be able to proceed upstairs. The first room in the next area has three doors that guys can flock into if you are not careful, stack your partner by one of them and then take out the guys near the others. Rest of the rooms can be cleared using the lure method and melee those tables again to finish.

    4) Apartment Bust - First area is standard enemies to clear and tables to smash, then head up the stairs. Next floor has a guy right in front of where you start to kill him ASAP, you can generally lure 5/6 guys from the two adjacent rooms by shooting near the first door. So clear them out. The room through that door is fairly long and has goons at the far end, so shoot ahead and lure them back to you, there may be a straggler or two in the top most room. Now you just have the last three rooms that are interlinked but you can easily lure all the enemies back to the one main door and kill them. Last floor, kill the first two guys then shoot through the next door at any of the criminals - the rest will run at you for easy kills if you duck next to the wall.

    5) Skyscraper - a straightforward series of areas that need you to kill all criminals, so use standard tactics. On the last floor you have to kill all criminals and then destroy the two pieces of equipment to open the last area. A boss (of sorts) is in here and he has a grenade launcher. As ever just pick off stragglers and lure runners back to the room you blew up the equipment in for easy kills.

    6) Warehouse - first section has a number of shutter doors on the walls - WATCH OUT, as enemies rush out of these. The first is directly ahead of where you entre (one guy) then you can head up the room full of explosive barrels. If one of these explodes and kills you then that cop CANNOT be revived so take care. Up ahead is a room with a glass window that enemies can see through/you can shoot through. Around this corner is another shutter (two guys - one with a grenade) so activate it and back away while shooting to kill them. Go through the next barrel room. At the end is a door with shutter on the other side (three guys) again activate it and back off to kill them). Go through that room and kill the guy in the next (another shutter here - one guy) to end up in a room full of barrels. Pick off the guys in here and head to the door at the end. If you go through it will activate TWO shutters (one either side of you) with two guys in each. Back up through the room you came through while shooting at them. Then head to the end. This next area is TIMED, but if you die all enemies you killed are still dead. So go right at the start and kill everyone on the way, clear out all rooms in the normal manner and then rescue the guy at the end. If the timer runs out you have to restart the whole level - not just this area - so don't miss anyone.

    7) Police Station - The first area has hostages that if killed lower your score but all criminals have arrows over their heads and guns. Clear out the area and smash all fuse boxes to go to the next area. Another timed bit here. So again focus on killing enemies and don't skip rooms, though the area is not massive so don't rush. Rescue the chief and you're done.

    8) Casino - Plenty of areas here, with the first two areas being regular sweep and clears to kill all criminals. The second area has a lot of glass rooms that you can shoot through, so take advantage. The third area sees you having to fend off waves of enemies until the timer runs out. Kill the criminals near where you start and then head into the room, try and take out all of the wandering criminals BEFORE the waves start then grab some First Aid kits and place your two cops in the nook on the left hand wall (as the camera was when you started). From here most waves will run from either the left or right side and you can just sit on the relevant corner and shoot them with ease. Sometimes they appear facing you so just line up with the arrow and gun them down. Last area - you need to smash 76 fruit machines to make the boss attack you and then shoot him 3 times. He will become invincible each time you shoot him, until you kill the wave of enemies that rush you. 1st clear out as many of the wandering enemies as you can, and watch out for waves - always run backwards while shooting in their direction. Once the boss dies you're done.

  • Complete all the game missions in normal mode.

    This achievement includes ALL five bonus missions. So you have to complete all 13 missions in Normal mode for it to unlock – NOTE THAT DIFFICULTIES DO NOT STACK SO YOU HAVE TO DO EVERY LEVEL ON EVERY DIFFICULTY.

    1) Old House - 1st floor is just a sweep and clear, but has a lot of guys in very close proximity so just wait a second or two after luring nearby guys. 2nd floor is the same and killing guys through any of the first three doors can lead to a mob, so stack your partner by one door and lure guys to another to be safe. Last floor is just one room. Easy to lure nearby guys to you and then head in to pick off stragglers.

    2) Penthouse - Two fairly large areas, both just need clearing, and they are full of interlinked doors and plenty of goons. An easy mission to lure plenty of guys to doorways on though, so even on higher difficulties this is a breeze.

    3) Bank Job - Head up the left hand room first and clear it out, then go back and clear the more open right side room. Doing both will have probably lured the majority of enemies so just take care and pick off the stragglers. Second area is even easier. Clear the first few rooms and then you can lure most enemies from the remaining areas by shooting through into the main (largest) room. Clear the stragglers and finish the guys in the vault.

    4) Power Plant - First area can be annoying due to the long corridors that make it hard to see. Stand at one end (by a corner) and shoot ahead to send the goons running at you - then pick them off at the corner. Repeat for both sides. Then move up, clear goons, and do the same again on the next corridors. Second area is a timed countdown where you have to survive waves. Kill the three guys and grab the first aid kit. Then put both your cops in the bottom corridor (assuming you didn't shift the camera from when you started). Stack them in the left corner by the door, facing back into the main room. Most waves will rush from the doors directly above you and in the top right - just shoot them as they run around the corner. Very rarely some guys will spawn in the corridor you're in (watch the arrow) so step into the middle of the corridor and gun them down as they appear. 

    5) Restaurant - An oddly simple sweep and clear mission to finish with. There are plenty of goons and rooms, but the "shoot door, kill guys as they rush you" technique works like a charm in all areas. It really offers no problems.

  • No Hits



    Finish a level without any of your Cops getting hit.

    Can be done on any level, but see “No Deaths” for the best way to do this. If you get hit by a criminal then you will need to restart the level to get this. Probably easier to do while killing the criminals rather than arresting them.

  • Kill 100 criminals.

    Simply kill enemies and this will unlock, and they even count when you die and have to restart a checkpoint so this (and all the other kill achievements) will unlock naturally as you grind through the game. Enemies that you arrest do NOT count. 

  • Kill 200 criminals.

    See “Kill 100 Criminals

  • Kill 400 criminals.

    See “Kill 100 Criminals

  • Kill 600 criminals.

    See “Kill 100 Criminals

  • Kill 1000 criminals.

    See “Kill 100 Criminals

  • Complete all the game missions in Nightmare Mode.

    This achievement includes ALL five bonus missions. So you have to complete all 13 missions in Nightmare mode for it to unlock – NOTE THAT DIFFICULTIES DO NOT STACK SO YOU HAVE TO DO EVERY LEVEL ON EVERY DIFFICULTY.

    The game is fairly frustrating anyway due to the dubious enemy A.I. and your partner being generally useless so here are some tips. 

    • Enemies cannot move AND shoot, so lure them to you over distance and shoot them as they come.
    • Hide your partner next to walls and doors then lure enemies to this point by shooting at them/near them. Then shoot/arrest them as they come around the corner.
    • Always zoom out as much as you can go and use the camera to see how many enemies are ahead of you.
    • If you get hit by an explosion you cannot be revived, so watch out for barrels. For this reason always use the Assault Rifles when you have them, as the Grenade Launcher is slow and impractical.
    • Level up both cops ASAP to make this easier, checkout Max Stats for tips.
    • For some reason the first area of the Mansion level has a one hit kill rule in effect (on your cops) regardless of how levelled they are. So be extra careful here, lure enemies to corners and take them out safely.
  • Complete all the game missions in Hardcore Mode.

    This achievement includes ALL five bonus missions. So you have to complete all 13 missions in Hardcore mode for it to unlock – NOTE THAT DIFFICULTIES DO NOT STACK SO YOU HAVE TO DO EVERY LEVEL ON EVERY DIFFICULTY.

  • Fully upgrade any Cop.

    You get XP for completing missions (1-4xp) depending on your rating. It is beneficial to spend some time grinding the first level, Donut Shop, and arresting ALL of the criminals on the way. It will only take a minute or so and you’ll get an A-rank which means 4xp. You need 100xp to max out a cop, plus don’t forget to buy all weapons. You can only level up your posse before missions, when you select a character press UP onto the little cog above their heads and select that. Then allocate whatever points you have. When you have all abilities/weapons maxed this will pop.


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