Leap of Faith Achievement in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

  • Leap of Faith



    Catch Totec with the grapple while he is jumping over a death fall


    How to unlock Leap of Faith

    You must do this in cooperative mode, though you can do this by yourself with another controller. Move to the first area that you can die by falling. Have Lara stand close to the edge, and leap over to your pending death with Totec. Now with Lara, quickly press to grapple him. It will automatically target and save him for the achievement.

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  • Pretty straight foward. When playing co-op have the player controlling Lara grapple the player controlling Totec as he jumps over a fall that would normally kill him if he fell.
  • Easier than the description. All you have to do is a regular jump with Totec and grapple him with Lara and the achievement unlocks.
  • This achievement pops up for both when you're doing this, means that you don't have to do this twice.

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