Return to sender Achievement in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

  • Return to sender



    Reflect an enemy's projectile back to him using Totec's shield


    How to unlock Return to sender

    While playing as Totec, you must hold and to put your shield in front of you. This can be done as early as the second level, Temple Grounds, at the very beginning of the level. Time it right, and your shield will reflect the projectiles back at the enemy. You must reflect the projectile back at the enemy who fired it, killing another enemy will not count. You can start up a cooperative game having you be Totec, as only the player controlling Totec will get the achievement.

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  • You can get it in the second level
  • At the second cut-scene of the second level, you'll see some new enemies that throw blue energy burts out of their hands. As Totec, get in from of them and hold LB. The energy burst will be deflected back to the enemy.
  • This Achievement was glitched for me. Couldn't get it before going back to dash board and trying again
  • You must survive the 1st level, TEMPLE OF LIGHT, to unlock the 2nd level, TEMPLE GROUNDS, for co-op play. The 1st level is NOT fun to complete, alone, using 2 controllers. Sucks! Especially the moving stair case at the end. But I finally passed it, and I feel lucky having done so. The achievement only unlocks for the gamertag using Totec. Good luck!
  • Has the potential to glitch, unknown if it is permenant.
  • @#4 - Not that easy, but really not as hard as you make it out. 15 minutes total.
  • It appears that this achievement has a glitch. I attempted it three times as player 1 with no success. On the fourth attempt I switched my profile to player 2 and it unlocked. It appears that only player 2 playing as Totec can unlock this achievement.

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