Breadwinner Achievement in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

  • Breadwinner



    Earn the top score objective in any level


    How to unlock Breadwinner

    Every level has three different point objectives, with the top score being the highest score out of this list. A really easy level to do this on is the first level, the Temple of Light. Here is how the point system works:

    *Gems: 1,200 Points each. These are very important to collect while going for score challenges. Not only do they give you more points, but they help also help build your Power Meter. They are mostly found around in the environment, but can also be dropped by enemies. Be thorough, and explore every nook and cranny you can find.

    *Enemies: You get a base score per kill, and the score depends on the type of enemies you kill. When your Power Meter is halfway, you will gain twice as many points per kill. When your Power Meter is completely filled, you will get triple the amount of points per kill. If you get hit by anything, your Power Meter will begin to empty itself.

    *Survival: For each death, you lose around 5,000 points. Dying once or twice can hinder you from gaining the top score, so be very careful!

    It's important to visit the glowing tombs while going for points, as some have gems or enemies in them. If they don't have anything, just move on.

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  • The more enemies you kill without being hurt the more points you get from them. So make sure and collect all of the jewels around the map and try to kill enemies without being hurt by them or by any traps. Dying also lowers your score so avoid that as well. Easiest done on the first level "The Temple of Light" because you only need 160,000 points.
  • Just take the first level nice and slow and make sure to collect all the jewels and don't forget the jewels in the first Challenge Tomb.
  • play co-op on Temple of Light and tell your partner to do nothing. Gems are around 2600 so the achievement comes easily
  • I got 365700 in toxic swap and the highest score is 360000 and I got no chevo????

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