Overachiever Achievement in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

  • Overachiever



    Complete any level-specific Reward Challenge


    How to unlock Overachiever

    Whenever you are playing the game, hitting the button will allow you to view all of your objectives. As well as your objectives, you will find the level's challenges as well. Throughout the game, you will constantly be doing these challenges, so you will get this achievement through natural progression. Complete any challenge, on any level, and you will get the achievement. The very first one you can do is in the first level, the Temple of Light. You will come to seven Spider Pots, they are not the seven urns you first see at the start of the level. Jump on each one without falling onto the ground to complete the challenge.

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  • The more enemies you kill without being hurt the more points you get from them. So make sure and collect all of the jewels around the map and try to kill enemies without being hurt by them or by any traps. Dying also lowers your score so avoid that as well. Easiest done on the first level "The Temple of Light" because you only need 160,000 points.
  • ^^^ The above comment is for a different achievement, sorry ^^^ This achievement you should get easy on the first level "The Temple of Light" by jumping from spider pot to spider pot. There are 7 of them in a row and the game prompts you when you get to them.

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