Tomb Raider Achievement in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

  • Tomb Raider



    Collect all relics, artifacts and weapons


    How to unlock Tomb Raider

    Each level contains relics, artifacts, and weapons. You find all of these items by doing the challenges, and finding them throughout each of the levels. As well as that, doing the following will also unlock more of these items within the game.

    -Completing every top score challenge.

    -Completing every time challenge.

    -Find within levels.

    -Miscellaneous level challenges.

    Click on this guide HERE for more help on all of the collectibles and challenges in every level.

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  • your link doesn't work
  • Does this need to be done in co-op? I've been told so but can verify this?
  • doesnt need to be done in coop, ive gotten it solo. the developers took too long to release the online multilayer coop. by the time they have, multilayer seems abandoned
  • This is one of the best video game guides I've ever seen; a true Lara Croft fan:
  • Do you know if you can you obtain part of the stuff in co-op and the rest in solo mode?
  • this achievment sux 110,000 on jaws of death is crap even after I got it I still think it was crap
  • Too much work for 25 gamerpoints. Why doesn't the DLC have any additional gamerpoints?
  • ^Totally agree.
  • Here I leave a video-guide with all the collectibles and challenges of this game. In the description below there is a timeline with every thing you can do or pick up by order of appearence. At the beggining of the video I speak in Spanish but it's just and introduction and I don't say anything relevant. Every thing in the video and in the timeline is marked in English as well as in Spanish. Greets
  • I notice for the time challenges the barrel roll works wonders. It dodges enemies and is the fastest method. I didn't have any special relics and completed some of them w/ 1-2 minutes to spare.
  • I just beat the game and I have gotten everything but its not unlocking? any ideas?
  • Does this have to be done in one play through, or can I go back and do all the challenges I missed after beating the game?
  • You can do it over however many playthroughs you need. When I did it, I focused the once on the time run, then another playthrough on points, skulls, etc. It saves after each completion
  • AAAAAAAAAHH i want to 100% this but its going to take some work this is the only achievment i have left that needs work.
  • Only achievement i still need... and yes there are some relics that you can't get in singleplayer (i found out about one yet)
  • #16 is wrong, to can get everything solo
  • I mean you can get everything solo. LOL

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