Vanquish Xolotl Achievement in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

  • Vanquish Xolotl



    Regain the Mirror of Smoke


    How to unlock Vanquish Xolotl

    This achievement will come with beating the game after you beat the final boss, Xolotl, in the level Xototl's Stronghold. The best weapon I found for this level, was the Golden Shotgun obtained from getting the max points on The Mirror's Wake. Ammo regen will help immensely, and so will items that give you +1 to weapons. Some people have reported this achievement not unlocking after watching the credits, but skipping the credits is guaranteed to work.

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  • Achievement unlocked for me on the stats screen just after the final cutscene (before the credits). Boss was easy enough, only used rockets on him and pistols/bombs on the little guys. Towards the end I ran out of ammo and had to use spears, which actually did more damage than guns. Stand on the steps to avoid the waves of blue death, and you can spear the final health bar really quick.

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