Your death won't be in vain! Achievement

  • Your death won't be in vain!



    Collect enough canopic jars to unlock an onyx weapon


    Canopic jars appear in the game world at locations at which someone on your friends list who also owns the game has died. The canopics look like grey jars with a slightly bright shimmer. Pick up five of these and the achievement will unlock. This also works in local co-op.

  • Does anybody know how many do we need?
  • I read another achievement guide said they got it early in the game, however, keep in mind this achievement is for picking up canopic jars found in locations where friends who have died, not the ones related to the main quest. If you have friends with the game, have them die over and over in the same location so you can just pick them up in one spot. If you have no friends with this game, make an account locally, friend them, play on that account and die and die and die and so forth. See if you can pick up the canopic jars then.
  • Gt: Cayusez Add me and we can die together lol UK player usually on during the day.

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