Tomb Raider Achievement in Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

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    Complete all challenges

  • How to unlock Tomb Raider

    Every tomb has various challenges that will be shown at the start of each tomb and in the configuration menu by pressing . Every tomb has a timed challenge for complete the tomb in under a certain time limit and a gold challenge for gaining a certain amount of points. Points are earned by collecting gems and killing enemies. Some of the gold challenges are difficult to gain solo and you should try gaining them in local coop. Just have your coop partner hang back and do you all the work. You will also need to find five red skulls hidden in each level, but don't be afraid, they are pretty easy to find.

    Other challenges ask you to to complete tasks like not touching certain puzzle elements or killing enemies with bombs.

    There is a challenges guide available by DerangedAsylum that can be found HERE.

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  • Is there any checklist of what needs to be done? I've earned every challenge achievement I can think of, and yet the achievement won't pop up. I've completed all challenge tombs, got all red skulls in each area of outer map, completed all challenges in each and every tomb. Still, nothing. Do I need to complete DLC challenges to get this or what?
  • In post-game u have to go back to the temple of Osiris (the very first level). It is only unlocked in post-game and don't forget the bosses challenges. Basically if u get the achievements for every challenge tomb/boss then this achievement will pop.

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