Long distance relationship Achievement

  • Long distance relationship



    Finish any tomb in online multiplayer


    This is the only achievement that requires an online connection. From the main menu select Find a game to search for online sessions or set you game as available online via the options menu. Once you found a game with at least one other player, simply complete any tomb to unlock the achievement.

  • Last one I need, can't find any matches online. Anyone want to do just one tomb for the achievement give me a shout GT: Andy Avenue
  • Looking for people for this achievement and it seems impossible to find online matches with matchmaking. Anyone willing to help, just send a message to me on XBOX LIVE. GT: AbyssWalker1992
  • I am looking for people to do this and the other online achievement, so far it's me and my mate but we want another person or two. We do have spare controller if you are willing to put up with the slow pace due to it being not used! Gamer tag - Ice Warriors
  • Looking for someone to run through a tomb with me. Message me on Xbox Live. Gamer tag = brent1221
  • Looking for someone to do coop with GT-Broyouraslacker
  • If anyone is still looking to do this message me GT: FlechetteXXX
  • Need help with the multiplayer achievement. GT: E-kim007
  • Someone want to do this? I have three controllers so we could do the rest of the multiplayer-achievements too if wanted. GT: Jallle
  • Looking for 3 other people to do the story beginning to end, preferably doing all of the challenges but if not just a quick run to get achievements.
  • My GT is my name Mr LimeSquare
  • I'd love to boost that one, GT MarszalekSteven.
  • looking for someone to get this one done. GT Waveofbabes44

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