Couch party Achievement

  • Couch party



    Finish a tomb in a 4-player local multiplayer game


    This requires you to finish any tomb with four local players so you will need to have four controllers and three other players. You cannot complete this by yourself if you only have the controllers.

  • You need four controllers... Perfect !
  • I hate achievements like this. Two games in a month where you need four controllers to get the achievement...
  • a truly terrible achievement
  • When you know that is Microsoft who edits the next Tomb raider, This no suprise that CD helps them to sell more tools !
  • Maybe it is possible with use of usb 360 or generic controllers? I have two at the moment and i think i can borrow me another one, but the 4th will be a problem. Merde
  • Effectivement : Merde ! C'est d'ailleurs bien pour ca que je ne l'ach├Ęterai pas !
  • Comment #5 good luck because I tried that. Gotta be a one brand. The cheapest I seen is those candy-looking controllers at Wal-Mart for $25, but that is still $75 extra just for an achievement. I'm gonna see if a friend has hopefully 2 controllers since I have 2 and don't really want to spend $50.... It is like comment @2 said because Halo: MCC requires an achievement with four controllers.
  • Looking for 3 other people to do the story beginning to end, preferably doing all of the challenges but if not just a quick run to get achievements. GT - Mr LimeSquare
  • no.
  • This achievement and the other 4-player one is not too bad, and there is some misinformation about them out there that I will clarify. These achievements do need four controllers, but are easily unlockable with two people. We did the Tomb of the Timekeeper level. It does require death manipulation of the non-controlled players, especially in the first half of the tomb, but all of the puzzles in that tomb require only two people to complete them. For the deathless achievement, areas of attention are the platforming section in the middle and the running part at the end. It may take a run or two to familiarize yourself with these small, potentially bothersome, sections. Also, guest accounts do not block achievements. Specifically, we used my account, my girlfriend's account, and two guests, i
  • in a local game. We both have gold accounts, but I do not know if that matters.

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