GUARDIN' GNOME Achievement in Left 4 Dead 2




    Rescue Gnome Chompski from the Carnival.

  • How to unlock GUARDIN' GNOME

    Campaign: Dark Carnival
    Level 2: The Fairground

    If you have captions on you will see the shooting gallery making noises. Run straight from the saferoom across the gallery, you need to score over 750 points by shooting the various targets. Just to the right of the gallery you will see how many points you will earn for each target. Watch out for the peanut as he will lower your score by 100 points.

    Once you win, a box to the right of the gallery will open up and reward you with Gnome Chompski. Allocate whoever will carry the gnome and make your way to the end of the campaign. Do not drop the gnome. Some points on the roller coaster will cause you to lose him and you will have to either die or start over.

    Once you get to the Finale do not drop the gnome. Hold onto him for dear life until the credits roll. If you drop him before the campaign ends you will not earn the achievement.


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  • I'm pretty sure you can drop him, I think it's as long as you get him onto the rescue vehicle. I may be wrong I got this a while ago but yeah... maybe not :)
  • yeah you just have to get him rescued with you
  • -The Return Of Chompski- Reccomended:Do on easy drop him when infected come. When u get on the helicopter DON'T drop him at all,I had to do this twice to get the achievement.
  • Um well a good way is to have a friend hold him and you cover him or her and at the fanale hide him some were but make sure you can find him
  • where do u find him on the carnival level i looked everywhere for it????!!!!
  • I got this achivement by accident (didnt know it existed), i didnt want to leave him behind!Poor little guy... you get him at the shooting range, score 750 points and he unlocks on the left of the range.
  • He is in a wooden box right as you walk out of the safe room in level 2 of the chapter.
  • Me and My friend did this achievement together, with him holding it and me covering him... he dropped it a ton of times and still got it with restarting.
  • My son and I just got this. He dropped the gnome several times... He just picked it back up and we continued (no restart) the achievement unlocked as we flew off on the chopper.
  • Just make sure when you enter a saferoom before the door closes to end the level someone is holding him. I set him down to heal in the saferoom and my buddy closed the door and he was gone when the next level loaded up, it was a funny but annoying.
  • do u need to b online to do this acheivement cuz i cant find him in single player offline
  • @#10 Was anyone looking at him when he was on the ground? I'm wondering if that has something to do with it. I was holding the gnome and had to close the door. I was just short of the door, so I dropped him instead, then I closed the door, and hurried to try to pick him up. I didn't pick him up in time, but it got blurry with me looking at him, and when the next section started, he was still there in front of me.
  • looking for people to work together on left 4 dead 1 and 2 and get achievements its awin win situation all work together it would be nice if i could find 2 other people at least please message me and im 16 so if your someone wondering if im like 10 or something. my gamer tag is "Konner94".
  • i did this in single player by myself and you can drop the gnome during the game but not when your in the saferoom
  • can confirm: you can put him down as many times as you want just make sure you are holding him the safe rooms and in the chopper in the end. other than that throw the little bugger around as much as you want just don't drop him off the side of the roller cosater
  • This one is pretty easy even if you do it solo, you just gotta take you time.
  • i put him down when i got on the helicopter to protect myself and it took off and i didnt even get the achievment.
  • the peanut gallery ... go out of the safe room, head strait, then turn a little to the right to the right and it should be there
  • Does Anybody Know Exactly Where He Is? Above Says.. "In The wooden box right as you walk out of the safe room in level 2 of the chapter" I Can't Find Him Tho ! Any Help Please?
  • Just got this today. I put the gnome down several times, and got the achievement.
  • I just completed this achievement. It took me a while to figure out what to do. I started to shoot the targets at the game show & all my "computer" team mates joined in, Helped win it. After collecting Gnome Chompski from the wooden box to the left of where you where shooting, make sure you always have hold of him in your hands at the time of each safe house door closing. If you don't & drop him to close the door. He won't load back into the next chapter with you! You can drop him to shoot when the infected attack, just be sure to pick him back up. At the end.. Keep hold of him in the helicopter until the credits start & you get your achievement. I also got a Award for this.. A Depeche Mode Shirt !
  • If anyone wants to do this i can get it with you very easily and it should only take 20 min. if it takes less time then i was correct in the guess if it takes more time then i do apoligize but it shouldn't.
  • I have a quick question Can I start the "Dark Carnival" from the secound chapter, the chapter with this gnome. Then finish it from there. Or do I have to start from the beggining?
  • @25, Yes you can start in the second chapter. If someone wants to get this or another achievement add me on xbox live (Cpt Nice) and I'll help =)
  • Of course when I jump to the helicopter I fall off it and die thanks to the Tank. -_-
  • if you need help with achievement send me a message on xbox my gmt is nate 1528
  • Tried this on expert on single player, I only died around 40 times so its all good :)
  • As Nate1528 said, if ANYONE needs help with this achievement message me on Xbox live. Gamertag: P I C K 3 N Z
  • I just got right to the finale after having some high pitched 10 year old whining that he wanted the gnome and picking it up every time I dropped it despite me getting the score at the shooting range and carrying him 90% of the way. The helicopter had just arrived but I had a boomer next to me, cue "k11lr el1te snippzzzzz fo life hardcore" to shoot the boomer and get me mobbed by zombies resulting in going down. He runs up, grabs gnome and runs to chopper without reviving me. I implement my scorched gnome policy and knowing I am the host, leave the game-no one gets the achievement. Does the whole team get this as long as they survive or is it only the one carrying the Gnome. I'm looking for some decent players to put together a motley crew and get this.
  • I got this for the avatar award, and the achievement of course, and I got upset that it was Rochelle's shirt. XD
  • You have to be careful with this achievement... I made it all the way to the end with the helicopter picking us up and everyone but Nick got into the chopper. Ellis was knocked down, and so I went to revive him and I was still holding the gnome. The next thing I knew it went to the cut scene and it said Nick and Ellis died and I didn't get the achievement. Now I have to go back. D:
  • I am looking for help with this achievement. Send me a message (preferably via text, not voice) and friend request explaining why. Thanks GT: Joshywa7
  • I got the achievement even though I dropped the gnome many times and I accidentally threw it at a tank. Someone had mentioned if you drop the gnome when you shut the safe room's door the gnome will disappear, but I did this accidentally and the gnome stayed. I'm not sure if this was a lucky glitch or not.

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