- Estimated achievement difficulty: 9/10
- Offline: 58 (1205 )
- Online: 2 (35) (All Versus achievements can be done locally or with friends)
- Approximate time: 20+ Hours (Based on Expert exploit)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable Achievements: 0
- Glitched achievements: 0
- Avatar Awards: 7 (including DLC)
- Cheats: 0

Left 4 Dead 2 carries on from the previous installment from another point of view. You will be introduced to Ellis, Nick, Rochelle and Coach. Much like the first game your goal is to escape the infested confines of Louisiana. You will be battling your way through hordes of Infected and a new set of Special Infected to reach your goal.

Remember you will be playing as a team, so if you feel the need to run off on your own do not expect to survive on your own. While running through the campaigns with your team, use mics and communicate on a regular basis. If you don't want to play with random people use the Achievement Trading Thread to find other players.

Much like the previous game you need to make your way through the various campaigns, you will earn most of your achievements playing through the different levels. Some achievements will require multiple playthroughs and you will also need to complete miscellaneous tasks for various other achievements.

I suggest you play through each campaign at least once so you know where everything is. This will help with Expert and more advanced playthroughs.

Before you start playing on Expert you should have found yourself a solid team, as well as running through the levels several times to learn the best places to defend. You will also need to communicate far more than any other difficulty due to how difficult this run may be.

Realism Mode
There is one achievement linked to Realism mode, which may be one of the hardest achievements of any game series but with enough practice you will succeed. As you will have noticed, there are no player halos, weapon halos etc. and you will also not see player titles.

There is another technique to survive all campaigns on Expert and this also works for Realism Mode. This may be patched at a later date so check the forums on a regular basis.

Expert/Realism Exploit:

Take part in either surviving or playing as the Infected to stop the Survivors. Most achievements are straightforward but can be completed using two controllers using System Link.

If you don't have two controllers you will need to find a friend with a second controller to help you out. You shouldn't have any issues earning these achievements, but they may take a while depending on how good your team is. Just remember that communication is the key to success.

This new game mode will test your team playing skills. You will be running around various levels collecting gas cans to fill a generator or objective. Again, this requires teamwork, but you can also use the System Link option and play with a friend locally to earn most of these achievements.

If you don't have access to the System Link option due to the lack of a second controller, find a good team of players to work with online. The achievements are fairly straight forward so you shouldn't have any problems.

The Passing:
This first DLC won't provide much difficulty for most players as the achievements are straightforwards and fairly simple. You may have difficulty with "Wedding Crasher" as it can be fairly tricky to get the combination right. I suggest that you find a few friends that can help you with this one. The guide below will show you how to complete this achievement with two controllers.

Mutant Overlord:
This achievement may seem difficult, but it really doesn't require much effort. You will be required to play at least one game of Mutation every week for six weeks. You don't need to keep playing for six weeks in a row, you just need to complete six games overall. New game modes will be announced every Thursday and active every Friday. This achievement is very long-winded so keep up to date with the blog to complete this as soon as you can.

Much harder than the first, but with a far more interesting selection of levels, game modes and objectives. If you have managed to survive all the Expert and Realism objectives, beat your way through Versus and collected your fair share of gas cans, congratulations! You should be well on your way to 1000 .

[X360A would like to thank Fizzmatix for providing this road map]


DLC / The Sacrifice

- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 5 (250)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 250 5+ Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (All but “Sacrifizzle” can be obtained in one playthrough of the campaign on easy as Bill. You will need to play at least one game on Versus to obtain “Sacrifizzle”)
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? No
- Glitchy achievements? None!
- Unobtainable achievements? None!
- Extra equipment needed? None!
- Additional Notes: It is possible to complete all achievements offline, but it is recommended to get “Special Killer” and “Sacrifizzle” with four other players online.

‘The Sacrifice’ is the second downloadable content pack for the game Left 4 Dead 2. ‘The Sacrifice’ comes with two campaigns, including ‘The Sacrifice’ and ‘No Mercy’, and three scavenge maps. This DLC has 5 achievements worth a total of 250.

Step 1: Playthrough on easy difficulty (Supreme Sacrifice, Kill Bill)
You may play solo or with two other players (one can be a guest) for this playthrough. Just simply go through the campaign on easy, you shouldn’t have any difficulty, as zombies are -1 damage in front, 0 damage in the back. When you make it to chapter 3, “Port Finale,” you will be assigned to turning on three generators to lower a bridge. If you are playing with two other players, you can pick up “Chaos Generator” by having one player at each generator and starting the generator at the same time. Once the generator needs to be restarted, make sure the player playing as Bill sacrifices himself.

Step 2: Versus game (Sacrifizzle)
Load up “Port Finale” with four players on the infected team and at least one player on the survivor side. Let the survivor and the bots go through the finale as usual. When the sacrifice needs to be made, have the human controlled survivor go down to the generator. Have the survivor begin to restart the generator, but allow the player wanting the achievement to incapacitate the survivor before the survivor is able to restart the generator. It is a good idea to make sure the person getting the achievement is a hunter, smoker, jockey, or charger prior to the bridge lowering.

Step 3: Mop up (Chaos Generator, Barrel Rolled) 
It is very well possible that you could have obtained these achievements in one of your other two playthroughs. In case you didn’t, here is how to get them:

Barrel Rolled” – This can be obtained easily on versus. Simply load up chapter one and with one or more players, or even your guest, and place a special infected next to an exploding barrel and shoot the barrel. You may need to shoot the infected once or twice to lower its damage.

Chaos Generator” – See step 1.

In all honesty, this isn’t really difficult if you have a group of players to help you along the way. I do hope you find this roadmap useful.

[x360a would like to thank Spade. for this Roadmap]

Left 4 Dead 2 Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 65 achievements with a total of 1500 points

  • Survive the Dead Center campaign.


    This is a story related achievement, you must complete the whole campaign for this to unlock.*

    1. The Hotel
    2. The Streets
    3. The Mall
    4. Atrium

    See "Bridge Burner".

  • Survive the Dark Carnival campaign.


    This is a story related achievement, you must complete the whole campaign for this to unlock.*

    1. The Highway
    2. The Fairgrounds
    3. The Coaster
    4. The Barns
    5. The Concert

    See "Bridge Burner".

  • Survive the Swamp Fever campaign.


    This is a story related achievement, you must complete the whole campaign for this to unlock.*

    1. Plank Country
    2. The Swamp
    3. The Shantytown
    4. The Plantation

    See "Bridge Burner".

  • Survive the Hard Rain campaign.


    This is a story related achievement, you must complete the whole campaign for this to unlock.*

    1. The Milltown
    2. The Sugar Mill
    3. Mill Escape
    4. Return To Town
    5. Town Escape

    See "Bridge Burner".

  • Survive the Parish campaign.


    This is a story related achievement, you must complete the whole campaign for this to unlock.*

    1. The Waterfront
    2. The Park
    3. The Cemetery
    4. The Quarter
    5. The Bridge

    *You have to play through this campaign in one sitting. You cannot quit out and load the previous campaign part to unlock the achievement.

  • Survive all campaigns on Expert.


    Surviving all five campaigns on Expert will prove to be a challenge. You can either do this with friends or on your own depending on how you want to face the horde of Infected.

    See "The Real Deal" for further information.

  • Survive a campaign on Expert skill with Realism mode enabled.


    This is the hardest achievement to obtain. You can take this one with three other friends or with the AI.

    You will need to:

    • Take your time
    • Learn the levels
    • Stay with your team
    • Practice

    If you don't feel like spending hours trying to complete the campaigns on Expert or with Realism mode, you can use this guide to ease the pain.

  • Finish a campaign using only melee weapons.


    Once you start a campaign you will find various guns, ammo, medikits etc. There will normally be at least one melee weapon. (Axe, Nightstick, Crowbar, See "Club Head" for a full list)

    If you are downed, you must not fire. If you use any guns including the last stand weapons this achievement will not unlock.

    If you have picked up a gun by mistake and have a melee weapon press . You can hold other guns but you must not fire them.

  • Decapitate 200 Infected with a melee weapon.


    This will come with naturally progression but you can speed up the process by using the melee weapons. Aim up at a 45 degree angle to make this a little easier.

  • Use every melee weapon to kill Common Infected.


    There are several melee weapons to use, some of them can only be found in certain levels. You need to use a select 8 of the following weapons, using one of each until the achievement unlocks. The chainsaw and baseball bat may not count towards this achievement. You will need to use the chainsaw for "CHAIN OF COMMAND" so use it when you have the chance.

    • Axe
    • Chainsaw
    • Cricket Bat
    • Crowbar
    • Electric Guitar
    • Frying Pan
    • Katana
    • Machete
    • Nightstick
  • Kill 100 Common Infected with the chainsaw.


    The chainsaw spawns randomly around various campaigns. Once you do find one use it lightly by tapping the , doing so will prolong the fuel and allow you to kill more Infected.

    If you happen to have Boomer Bile use it to your advantage. Throw the bile and run up to all the Infected with the chainsaw.

  • Kill a Tank with melee weapons.


    This may be a little tricky, but it is possible with several human players. Make sure everyone on your team has a melee weapon, if there are any AI players change the difficulty to Expert and kill them. Change the difficulty back to Easy/Normal and make your way through whichever level/finale you decide to do this one.

    Once a Tank shows up make sure everyone uses a melee weapon. Once the Tank has been killed the achievement will unlock. If a single player fires a bullet at the tank you will have to try on another run.

  • Revive 10 dead Survivors with the defibrillator.


    This achievement will come over time. The defibrillator will spawn randomly around the levels. Once you find one it will show up where your medikit is stored.

    Press to equip defibrillator while near one of your dead team mates. Aim at the dead survivor and press the to bring them back to life. This has to be done ten times for the achievement.

    You cannot shoot down your own AI or team mates and bring them back to life for this achievement. Either Infected or Special Infected must kill the other players.

    See "THE QUICK AND THE DEAD" for an alternative technique.

  • Revive 10 incapacitated Survivors while under the speed-boosting effects of adrenaline.


    You can find adrenaline near where most medical supplies spawn. Sometimes they are randomly spread through the levels or inside the saferoom.

    Once you have found an adrenaline shot hold onto it until one of the other survivors needs help. Press to equip the adrenaline and press to use it. Once you are under the effects of adrenaline hold down near the survivor that needs help.

    Repeat this 10 times for the achievement to unlock.

    Survival Technique:
    Mode: Survival
    Level: Dead Center Atrium
    Players: 2 (two controllers/players)

    Once you load the level pick up the adrenaline/defibrillator depending on the achievement you want to do. Kill the AI as they may cause you to miss out on reviving your team mate. Take the second controller or other player and throw them off the higher level of the mall complex. Run over to them and revive/defibrillate them. Once you have done this press and restart the round. Repeat this until you have both achievements.

  • Deploy an ammo upgrade and have your team use it.


    Ammo upgrades like most other weapons can be found randomly around the levels. They look like a yellow box with a flip lid. Once you have picked up either the incendiary or explosive ammo upgrades press to deploy the ammo. Point it out to whoever you are playing with or just wait for your team to pick up the ammo.

  • Ignite 50 Common Infected with incendiary ammo.


    Using the previous incendiary ammo upgrade for your gun kill 50 Common Infected. The ammo is limited but you shouldn't have any issues earning this as it will come with naturally progression.

  • Kill 15 Infected with a single grenade launcher blast.


    NOTE: This achievement doesn't always unlock while attempting. If you are having issues just keep attempting it until you succeed.

    This can be done at any point in the game when you have the grenade launcher. Make sure you have either a pipe bomb or a bile bomb, throw it into a large group of zombies. Switch to your grenade launcher by pressing , then blow up the group of Infected huddled around the bile or pipe bomb.

  • Use a bile bomb on a Tank.


    While running through most of the campaigns you will find Boomer bile laying around in various places. You will know when you have the bile as a bio-hazard symbol will show up where the pipe bomb/Molotov shows in your inventory.

    Press when a Tank is charging around near you and throw the bile at him. Once the bile hits the achievement will pop up as the horde start to attack.

  • Kill one of each Uncommon Infected.


    There are several Uncommon Infected dotted throughout the different campaigns. You may not notice them while playing but they are all level specific.

    • Hazmat Infected
    • Mud Men
    • Clown Infected
    • Worker Infected

    You will probably earn this achievement without even knowing so just play through the campaigns and watch out for the different types of Infected.

  • Kill 10 swampy Mudmen while they are in the water.


    You will find the Mud Men on the Swamp Fever campaign. Spend as much time in the water as you can and kill as many Infected as possible. Mud Men run around on their hands and feet so they are quite easy to spot.

  • Collect 10 vials of Boomer vomit from infected CEDA agents you have killed.


    Always look for the Hazmat Infected while running through Dead Center. As soon as you see them check around their bodies once you kill them to find Boomer bile. They don't always have these canisters so this may take several attempts to do.

    Once you find the bile pick it up and either user it, or you can hold onto it and wait until you find another Infected with more bile. You can then use the bile you have and pick up the freshly dropped bile.

    Repeat this 10 times for the achievement to unlock.

  • CL0WND



    Honk the noses of 10 Clowns.


    You will find the clowns on the Dark Carnival campaign. To honk a clown's noise press the to melee them. You will punch the clown in the face and if you hear a honking/squeaking noise you have done this correctly.

    If you are quick enough you will be able to hit one clown several times. You can normally earn three to five honks per clown depending on how fast you melee.

  • Using a Molotov, burn a Clown leading at least 10 Common Infected.


    This achievement takes some patience, you may be able to replicate the video or you can use do this on the Finale of "Dark Carnival". On the Finale make your way to the stage, set off all the lights and make sure you pick up a Molotov from the surrounding area. Get onto the stage and stand near the PA system you use to set off the music.

    You will hear the horde and if you look to the opposite site of the stage you will see the horde coming up the stairs near the PA speakers. Throw the Molotov behind the speakers and down towards the stairs. Normally there will be a clown running with the group, if this doesn't work keep trying.

  • Kill a Charger with a melee weapon while they are charging.


    Killing a Charger with a melee weapon may take a few tries. You will need to shoot him a couple of times to waste his health and then switch to a melee weapon to finish him off.

    This is a lot easier with a friend or by using two controllers in System Link. The following video will show you how to do so.


  • Kill a Spitter before she is able to spit.


    Once you spot the Spitter make sure you have a long range weapon equipped. Normally she will hide in the distance or within a group of Common Infected. This is more trial and error than anything. Just keep trying and you should earn this without too many issues. This may also unlock in Versus Mode.

    NOTE: Turn on your closed captioning, this will help you see when a Spitter is nearby.

  • Kill a Jockey within 2 seconds of it jumping on a Survivor.


    Once the Jockey has pounced on one of the Survivors make sure you're close enough to shoot him off. Hitting the doesn't always knock him off. Just be ready to fire when you see the Jockey pounce. This is also another achievement which revolves around trial and error. Versus Mode may also count towards this.

    NOTE: Turn on your closed captioning, this will help you see when a Jockey is near by.

  • Prove you are faster than Moustachio.


    Campaign: Dark Carnival
    Level 4: The Barns

    You will find this Whack-A-Mole type game before you leave the gaming area and head into the barns. If you have closed captioning on you will see when the game is close. Walk up to the machine and press to start the game, either using a gun or a melee weapon to hit the popping heads.

    You will need to continue the game about three times to read the target score of 42. Just keep playing until the machine shorts out and breaks. The achievement will unlock once you break the game.


  • Prove you are stronger than Moustachio.


    Campaign: Dark Carnival
    Level 4: The Barns

    Before you enter this level play through the previous so you can find yourself an adrenaline shot. Make sure you have a melee weapon and head out of the saferoom to your left. Use the adrenaline and hit the big red pad in front of the strong man game. Once you hit the bell the achievement will unlock.


  • Rescue Gnome Chompski from the Carnival.


    Campaign: Dark Carnival
    Level 2: The Fairground

    If you have captions on you will see the shooting gallery making noises. Run straight from the saferoom across the gallery, you need to score over 750 points by shooting the various targets. Just to the right of the gallery you will see how many points you will earn for each target. Watch out for the peanut as he will lower your score by 100 points.

    Once you win, a box to the right of the gallery will open up and reward you with Gnome Chompski. Allocate whoever will carry the gnome and make your way to the end of the campaign. Do not drop the gnome. Some points on the roller coaster will cause you to lose him and you will have to either die or start over.

    Once you get to the Finale do not drop the gnome. Hold onto him for dear life until the credits roll. If you drop him before the campaign ends you will not earn the achievement.


  • Defend yourself at the crashed airliner without taking damage.


    Campaign: Swamp Fever
    Level 2: The Swamp

    This is a lot easier than it seems. Once you get to the plane, open the door and huddle between the seats either to the right of the door or as the videos shows to the right. The AI will kill off most, if not all of the Infected so you can sit back and wait.

    The AI can take damage but you must not take any, this is the same for other players. Anyone who wants to earn the achievement must not take any damage.

    Check your health before you start this as if it becomes lower at any point, you will need to start over.



  • Navigate the sugar mill and reach the safe room without killing any Witches.


    Campaign: Hard Rain
    Level 2: Sugar Mill

    Make your way through the sugar mill, making sure to keep your flashlight off and follow the edge of each building and area. Witches don't startle as easily as they did in Left 4 Dead, so when you see a Witch just keep running.

    There are six or seven Witches to avoid throughout the whole level, so just make sure you don't shoot any of them.

  • Navigate the impound lot and reach the cemetary safe room without tripping any alarms.


    Campaign: The Parish
    Level 3: The Cemetery

    Make your way through the level until you enter the sewers. Once you have found the ladder to make your way out you will be under a freeway with several cars around you. Do not attempt to jump on any of the cars that have flashing lights. As soon as you exit the sewer you will see two white cars in front of you. Jump onto the white car and then make a dash for the other end of the impound lot. As long as you don't shoot the cars or set of any alarms in this area, the achievement will unlock once you get to the safe room.

  • Cross the bridge finale in less than three minutes.


    Campaign: The Parish
    Level 5: The Bridge

    This may take a few attempts. Doing this with two people is faster than trying to get from one side to the other using the AI. Always keep to the left and use a pipe bomb towards the end of the bridge to distract the Infected.

  • In a Versus round, leave the saferoom to defibrillate a dead teammate.

    You will need to pick up a defibrillator and make your way to the saferoom on any level. You do not need to close the door, just enter and then leave again. Make your way back to a dead survivor and revive them using the defibrillator


  • Form a team and beat an enemy team in 4v4 Versus or Scavenge.

    This must be done online and you must also be playing against human players to start the match.

    This may be one of the last achievements you earn due to how difficult it can be to obtain. You cannot use four players with two controllers each. Team up with three other people and use the Versus/Scavenge team game option.

    You need to beat another team of human players for this achievement to unlock. There isn't much else to add to this achievement other than keep at it until you win.

    Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find game partners.

  • As the Jockey, ride a Survivor for more than 12 seconds.

    When you spawn as the Jockey run around until you have a clear shot at a survivor. Press the to jump on a survivor, then try to steer them as far away from the other survivors as you can. If the survivor has a full health bar you should earn this by the time you incapacitate them.


  • As the Jockey, ride the Survivors twice in a single life.

    This is fairly straightforward. Wait until it's your turn to play as the Jockey and once you spawn, follow the survivors and pick off one survivor who is lagging behind. Run around the other survivors and jump on someone else.

    You may have to try this a few times but if you play several games of Versus, you should have it in no time.


  • As the Jockey, ride a Survivor and steer them into a Spitter's acid patch.

    Once you spawn as the Jockey communicate with your team and tell whoever is playing as the Spitter to follow you. Once you jump on a survivor have your team player spit near where you have wrangled a survivor, then run them through the spit and the achievement will unlock.


  • As the Spitter, hit every Survivor with a single acid patch.

    Hide around corners or follow the Survivors from behind, until you see a good moment such as a tight space or narrow alley just ahead of the Survivors. Small rooms, houses, short hallways and tight areas work best and playing with other people will allows you to huddle in a corner.


  • As the Spitter, spit on a Survivor being choked by a Smoker.

    Find a partner to make this easier. You will need three controllers in total. One will play as a dummy Survivor and the other two players will need to be Infected. Whoever wants to earn this achievement needs to spawn as the Spitter, so keep spawning and cycling through the Infected until you become the Spitter. The other player needs to spawn as the Smoker.

    Once you have used your dummy account to get the correct combination of Infected have your partner grab the Survivor with his tongue. Once the Survivor is struggling, fire a spit ball at the floor under the Survivor.

    This achievement will only unlock for the person playing as the Spitter. This may seem a little tedious but it's the easiest way to do this without much hassle.


  • As the Charger, bowl through the entire enemy team in a single charge.

    This may seem a little tricky at first, but you can do this in any narrow hallway or small room. Once you are lined up with the survivors press the to charge through them. If you have hit every survivor you should see all of them stumble.

    You may have to attempt this a few times if playing with the AI as they tend to move around.


  • As the Charger, grab a Survivor and smash them into the ground for a solid 15 seconds.

    Once you spawn as a Charger wait until you have a clear shot at the survivors. Press the to charge and drag off a survivor and once you stop, the Charger will automatically start slamming the survivor into the ground. If you have managed to get far enough away from the other survivors the animation will keep going until the survivor is dead.

    System Link: Versus
    Kill off two of the survivors in the saferoom, exit the saferoom once the second controller is the Charger. Charge at the AI survivor and watch as your other team mate's partner is pummeled into the ground.

    You need to be playing as the Charger to earn the achievement. Use a guest/second controller to play as the survivors.

    Alternatively you can use multiple controllers with several players to build the team numbers. If you are playing with two people you need to have at least one controller set to the Infected team. Doing this allows you to pick between the Infected you need achievements for. Make sure whoever needs whichever achievement players as the Infected.

  • As the Charger, grab a Survivor and carry them over 80 feet.

    Join a Versus match and wait until you become the Charger. Make your way to an open area, run up behind the survivors and hit the to charge. If you have enough room you should carry off a survivor without any issues.

    System Link Techniques
    Almost all Versus achievements can be earned in private games or via System Link. Wait until you spawn as the various Special Infected and use their primary attacks on the survivors.

    You will need two controllers and possibly two players. Whoever is earning the achievements will be playing as the Infected the first time around, then swap over when you have done whichever achievements you require.

    Use the methods supplied under each achievement and you should have all the Versus achievements in no time.

  • In a Survival round, get a medal only using melee weapons.


    You will earn a medal for lasting a certain amount of time on each campaign level. Pick up only melee weapons so you don't use a gun by mistake.

    Having two AI players and two human players will work if you can't find three other players to do this. Load up any of the levels and have one person hide in a corner. Stick together and have the rest of your team protect you.

    Bronze Medal: 4 Minutes
    Silver Medal: 7 Minutes

    If you hit four minutes and fired a gun by mistake you will have to either survive to the next medal, or choose another survival level.

  • Win a game of Scavenge.

    This should come within a few attempts of playing. Just keep playing through Scavenge until you win a game. Depending on who you play with will result in how well you do while playing. If you end up on a bad team you may have to keep trying again until you finally win.

  • Collect 100 gas cans in Scavenge.

    The stats for this achievement carry over from round-to-round, just keep collecting gas cans until you have 100. Make your way back to the generator, fuel up and then make your way toward the other gas cans.

    System Link Method:
    Much like "CACHE AND CARRY" have a second controller sat idle or have a friend control the Infected. Just keep collecting gas cans and the achievement will unlock once you hit 100.

  • Collect 15 gas cans in a single Scavenge round.

    If you have a good team this will come with ease. Your team needs to collect 15 gas cans in a single round for this to count.

    System Link Method:
    Use system link with two controllers, once you get into the game use your main account to collect all the gas cans you need for the achievement.

  • Stop the enemy team from collecting any gas cans during a Scavenge round.

    If you're playing online this may take some practice, just keep attacking the survivors and stop them from getting back to the generator.

    System Link Method:
    Once you enter the game leave the guest account or a friend in charge of the other team. You can either attack them or just sit around waiting for the round to end. If no cans are collected the achievement will unlock.

  • Make a Survivor drop a gas can during overtime.

    While in a game of Scavenge you will need to run into overtime. This is done by holding onto a gas can once the timer has run out. This can be done with two players or two controllers. Once the overtime has started have whoever needs the achievement attack the survivor holding the gas can.

    Either setup a private match or a System Link match to use either techniques.

  • Cause 25 gas can drops as a Special Infected.

    While playing as any of the Infected in the Scavenge rounds, find a survivor and make them drop their gas can while attempting to return to the generator. Repeat this 25 times until the achievement unlocks.

DLC: The Passing

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Survive The Passing Campaign.


    This is a story related achievement and will unlock once you complete The Passing.

    1. Riverbank
    2. Underground
    3. Port

    Complete the above three parts of the campaign and the achievement will unlock at the end. You must play through from start to finish for this to unlock.

  • As the Charger, grab a Survivor and crash them through 8 chairs at the wedding.

    Note: This achievement may not unlock on the first several attempts. You may also try and succeed doing this several times without the achievement unlocking.

    Once you get to the wedding reception in Riverbank you will see several rows of plastic chairs. Your goal will be to spawn as the Charger and run through eight chairs with a survivor in hand. This is the hardest achievement to pull off within the DLC so a lot of patience is required.

    If you are playing with friends, have them stand in front of the chairs and charge at them. If you want to attempt this on your own with two controllers, you can with great difficulty. Set up the survivors in front of the chairs and then use the target controller account to earn the achievement by charging one of the survivors though the chairs.

    Make sure you line up with the row of chairs on the ground and not the stack of chairs to the left. Charging into the stack of chairs won't earn you the achievement as they're just static objects.

    This can be done in any of the team-based game modes. The method in the video below is using Scavenge Mode as you start close to the wedding reception. You can call a vote until your main account starts as the Charger. If you do attempt this in Scavenge make sure you collect a gas can just in case you run into overtime.

  • Using the M60, kill 25 infected without letting go of the trigger.


    This can be done in any game mode, though Survival is the easiest. Start a Survival match on the Port, you can do this by yourself with just the AI. Run across to the bar from the generator and pick up the M60, return back to where you started and pick up a pipe bomb. Alert the horde and throw the pipe bomb in their direction. You need to be quick, so once throw the pipe bomb change over to the M60 and kill all the Infected and the achievement should pop.

    If you don't manage to kill enough in one go, but still have ammo don't let go of the trigger. Keep firing at the rest of the Infected around you until the achievement unlocks. If you don't succeed call a vote and try again.

  • Collect 10 items dropped by a Fallen Survivor.


    This new infected is fairly easy to spot, they will always carry a first aid kit on their back and be wearing a fishing hat. Once you do spot one be quick to kill them. If you don't he will run off and take his item with him. Once you do kill him, you will be able to pick up all three of his items. If you have other items, use them and then pick up the replacements. You don't need to directly kill these infected, but you do need to pick up their items.

  • Play 6 Mutations.

    Mutations is a new game mode where regular games will be altered from their previous rules. This game mode will be updated weekly by the developers so you will need to play at least one game a week through the Mutations option every week for six weeks.

    Complete six of these game alterations and the achievement will unlock.

    This game mode will be updated every Friday of each week. Make sure you check the blog posts on the title screen on a regular basis to keep up to date with the current Mutation game alternations.

  • FORE!



    Knock off the heads of 18 infected with the golf club.


    You will find this new melee weapon either at the start of the passing on the ground, or as you make your way through the campaign. Once you do pick the golf club up, start attacking the infected and aim for the head. Once you have decapitated 18 infected the achievement will unlock.

    This weapon spawns randomly so there there are no set amount of locations you may find this weapon.

  • Play the new Midnight Riders song on a jukebox.


    On the "Underground" you will find a pool hall and bar at the end of the street on the left hand site, before you jump down into the excavated road. Enter the building through the window just before the excavation zone and look to your right. You will find a jukebox, press to interact with the jukebox and change through the songs. Pick a song, then wait a few seconds for it to play. If the achievement doesn't unlock keep cycling the songs until the new Midnight Riders song plays.

  • Kill a Tank only with damage from the original Survivors.


    This is fairly straightforward, load the Port and collect three gas cans. Doing this will trigger the tank to spawn. If you are playing with friends make sure no one fires at the tank. Head back towards the bridge and allow the other survivors to kill the tank for you.

    Two Controller Method
    If you are doing this on your own, this will be a little harder to do but you will get the same results. Load up a single player campaign with two controllers. Once you start the level change the difficulty to expert and kill the two AI survivors (make sure you change the difficulty back to easy after you kill the AI).

    Move both players down to the bridge and decide which one you want to use to collect the gas cans. Collect three gas cans and the tank will spawn. Once he spawns make your way back to the bridge and allow the survivors to kill the tank for you.

    With this method you need to keep the second controller active. Make sure this account go idle as the AI will shoot the tank. Wedging something under the so the player keeps moving seems to work best.

  • Open 5 foot lockers.


    Footlockers are large crates full with various alternative weapons. You will find these hidden throughout the campaign. They appear randomly so check every room and location. You won't find any of these crates in the Finale so you will need to scour high and low on the first two levels. The stats for these crates carry over between playthroughs so you can either keep reloading sections or play though the campaign several times.

    Find five of these footlockers to unlock the achievement.

  • Play 5 full games of Scavenge on The Port.

    You can either do this at your own pace online or with a second controller. Select Scavenge and then play with friends. While the game is searching press to create a lobby, then start the game with a single round.

    Once you start playing you can just sit and let the timer run out. Make sure you move out of the safe zone to start the timer. You don't need to win to unlock this achievement, you just have to take part in five games from start to finish.

    If you set more than one round you will have to play through however many rounds for it to count as a single game.

DLC: The Sacrifice

There are 5 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Complete "The Sacrifice".


    Simply complete The Sacrifice campaign in one sitting. This can be done on any difficulty. The chapters in this campaign are:

    • The Docks
    • The Barge
    • Port Finale
  • Have Bill sacrifice himself for the team.


    One of the new things in this campaign is that the finale requires one of the players to "sacrifice" themselves in order to complete it. First, you have to activate three generators scattered about the map. To do so, approach one and hold . After the bridge is lowered, you will have to press a button on the platform. Doing this will cause a generator to shut off. One player will have to leave the bridge and re-activate the generator while the others must stay on the bridge.

    To obtain the achievement, the person playing as Bill must go down and re-activate the generator. This can be done by yourself easily by selecting "Port Finale" as Bill on Easy difficulty on Single Player. Get up to the finale and proceed to activate the generator. If you are on SP, you must do this, as the bots aren't programmed to do so.

  • Kill a Special Infected with an exploding barrel.


    Scattered throughout the levels are white barrels that look like the ones in the achievement. Surely enough, if you shoot one enough, it will explode.

    Now, an easier way to do this achievement other than blind luck is to get 1-3 more players with you. Kill off any AI survivors before doing this. Start the campaign on any level until you find a barrel or two. Next, position a player near the barrels until a Hunter comes along (turn on subtitles to know when one is around). Step away from the player near the barrels and the Hunter should pounce on them. Shoot the Hunter a few times with an automatic weapon, then blow up the barrels. The Hunter will die, and you should obtain the achievement.

  • Have all 3 generators running at once in "The Sacrifice" finale.


    Now, at first glance, it seems you just need to turn on all three generators. Unfortunately, that is not the case, as you need to activate them all at the same time. You will need 1-3 other people (depending on if someone can use a controller). Start up "Port Finale" on Easy difficulty and position each player or controller next to a generator. Next, have everyone hold at the same time until all three generators are activated. The achievement should pop up for everyone afterward.

  • As a Special Infected, incap someone who is trying to sacrifice themselves.

    This achievement can be done with 5 people if done right. Have one person be a survivor, while the other 4 (including you) are the Infected. Make sure the Infected team do not spawn until the bridge is raised. When the generator is turned off, have the one player leave the bridge to turn it back on. This is when you and the other Infected team spawn. Have the other 3 Special Infected keep the AI survivors distracted as you attempt to incap the human controlled survivor. It is recommended to be a Hunter, Charger, or Tank to incap the Survivor. Once the human survivor is incapped, you will earn the achievement.

    NOTE: The player does not have to be turning on the generator, they only need to be off the bridge.

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