The Real Golden Master! Achievement

  • The Real Golden Master!



    Collect 30 Gold Bricks


    There are numbers of ways to obtain 30 bricks. Here is a list of some of the ways to obtain them:

    • 14 gold bricks from each level completed in Story Mode
    • HUB Racing
    • HUB Quests
    • HUB Renovations
    • Obtaining x2 stud multiplier brick
    • Mystery Dimensions (Needs 20 bricks to get in)
    • Achieve Rule Breaker in levels
    • Collecting and Buying Red Bricks
    • Going back into levels for minikit completions

    Earning the 30th gold brick will net you the achievement.

    Note: If you play and collect gold bricks in the Level Packs, those count towards this achievement.


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