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    Complete ''GLaD to See You'' within 25 minutes

    Note: The latest patch fixed an exploit where you could get to the “boss battle” (GLaDOS), quit the game, and when you continued, the timer was reset. You can still do this if you uninstall your game, reinstall it and not update the game. Unfortunately, since you can’t use any previous saves, you would have to start the game from the beginning.

    This is probably the most difficult achievement in the game as you need to perform a near-perfect run of the level ‘GLaD to See You’ with very little room for error. Unskippable cutscenes and Wheatley’s incessant chattering add to your time, but there’s no way around it. The only cutscenes that can be skipped are the very first one and the very last one. It is recommended that you play this level a couple of times to get a feel for what needs to be done (where character actions are located, in what order to do puzzles, etc.).

    There are five test chambers, each growing increasingly more difficult with how many tasks you must complete to advance to the next one. At the end of Test Chamber 05, you meet up with Wheatley, the facilities’ wandering A.I. After talking your ear off and taking you on a brief shortcut, you end up skipping three chambers and reemerge in Test Chamber 09, which is probably the most time consuming of them all.

    When you complete that test chamber, you meet GLaDOS, the central core of the Enrichment Centre. She will put you through a series of tests, and if you succeed in all of them, she promises that there will be cake waiting for you at the end. Of course, this is a lie.

    1. The first stage of this boss battle, GLaDOS will try to flatten you with a big metal panel after rendering you inert. Simply move your character to another space on the toy pad so you can move again and avoid the panels. She does this three times.
    2. For the second stage, walk up to the keystone panel in the center of the chamber, activate the Shift keystone and the chamber will be divided into three sections. For the Blue and Pink sections, you will need Batman and Wyldstyle. For the Yellow section, you will need Gandalf and Wyldstyle. Solve each puzzle and the sections will disappear.
    3. For the third stage, activate the Locate keystone in the center of the chamber (the spot to locate is in the back right area of the chamber). It will open a portal and HAL-9000 (from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey) will appear and start talking to GLaDOS. While she is distracted, activate and solve the Chroma keystone puzzle which will produce a vehicle jump pad. Build it, enter the vehicle and hurdle yourself into GLaDOS. She will claim that was not fair and put you in a “time out” in the basement.

    Now you are in the basement, which is essentially a giant oven. Suddenly, Wheatley appears out of nowhere and decides to save the day and help you escape. But in classic Wheatley fashion, he must talk out loud to himself on what he needs to do before he actually does it. Eventually, he will press a button and a keystone panel will drop in the center of the room. Activate the Elemental keystone and select the blue toy pad section to possess the water ability. Use this ability to shoot water at all of the flames in the oven. Once all of the flames have been extinguished, a panel at the back of the room opens, so just walk into it and the final cutscene will play. You got cake!

    If you completed this level within 25 minutes, the achievement will unlock after you watch or skip the cutscene.

    Credit: HappyThumbsGaming

    There are a couple of shortcuts that you can take to save you some time if you have other characters and/or vehicles:

    • In Test Chamber 02, if you have a flying character (Wicked Witch, Superman), after accessing Electricity from the Elemental keystone (and completely bypassing the Chroma puzzle), use them to fly over the gap and solve the ball puzzle. This saves about two minutes.
    • Alternately, in Test Chamber 02, if you have the TARDIS (from the Doctor Who Level Pack), after accessing Electricity from the Elemental keystone with your character (and completely bypassing the Chroma puzzle), you can fly it over the gap and solve the ball puzzle. This saves about two minutes.
    • In the final area in the “oven”, if you have the either Aquaman or Krusty the Clown, you can start putting out the fires immediately instead of having to wait for Wheatley to drop the Elemental keystone. This saves at least one minute.
    • Alternately, if you have the Ecto-1 (Build 2), the Cloud Cuckoo Car (Build 2) or the Mystery Mobile (Build 3), you can hop into one of these at the start of the oven section and put out the fires that way. This saves at least one minute.
  • this may be difficult
  • Here's hoping this is 'cheatable' like the We Cannot Linger achievement for the Mines of Moria level in Lego Lord of the Rings.
  • Apparently, it is cheatable. I haven't tried it yet, but the method is: 1) play the level up to the start of the final boss battle (don't worry about how long it takes. 2) save and exit to Vorton 3) use Level select to choose this level. 4) you should be returned to the start of the boss battle with your clock reset to zero. 5) beat the boss in under 25 minutes, which should be easily doable.
  • Follow-up to above: I can confirm this works for the 360 as of Oct 5, 2015. Take note that there are two alternate paths through this level. When you meet wheatley and he offers you a shortcut that skips a number of test chambers, you can take this option. Or, if you have Chel, you can use her Portal Gun to access the elevator, and go through the skipped test chambers. There are gold bricks available along both paths. If you want to attempt to earn the achievement without the cheat, take Wheatley's shortcut instead of the long way around.
  • I got this to work offline, and boy was it tough (even though I've played the Portal games before and I know their puzzles by heart somewhat). If the save and quit method doesn't work offline (it didn't for me, it would just take me back to the beginning of the level). Use the save spot and instead of saving and continue, save and exit. Instead of getting through the whole level in under 25 minutes, you'll only need to go through the final test chamber and the GLaDOS boss puzzles in under 25 minutes, which is very much doable.
  • So it seems the glitch was fixed (where you play and save and exit in the end). I play with the witch and chel and finishes the entire thing in 13 mins, but I don't get the achievement, what am i doing wrong please? Is there an alternative path i have to follow or something?

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