Forever Alone Achievement

  • Forever Alone



    Complete a level while only ever keeping one character active on the Toy Pad

    The best level to do this on is the very first level, 'Follow the LEGO Brick Road'. In order to get this achievement, you need to only have one character on the toy pad at all times. The Batmobile doesn't matter for this achievement you can get this achievement with it on the toy pad; just make sure that no other character besides the one you are playing with is on it. This level is pretty short and doesn't have many keystone rifts like the other levels.

    It is very important to wait a couple seconds and lift up the character off the toy pad in the air and put it somewhere away from the toy pad then switch it with the character you need. Just remember to use one character at a time and put your other characters lined up by the toy pad for easy grabs. Follow the video for an easy visual and you should unlock the achievement if done right.

    Credit: HappyThumbsGaming

  • Might be glitch. It didn't pop on my first attempt. I did the Yellow Brick Road level, with only the basic minifigs and the Batmobile. I was careful to only have one minifig and the Batmobile on the pad at any time. However, it popped no problem on my second attempt, but I don't think I did anything different.
  • Oops, I meant "Might be glitchy".

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