Lost Property Achievement

  • Lost Property



    Complete 25 'Locate Mode' puzzles

    The Locate Mode keystone looks like this: ""

    The keystone will unlock while playing the story normally. Locate mode is when the LEGO Toy Pad will change color based on whether they are moving toward the vortex or away from it. Red indicates the character is moving away from the vortex and green indicates the player is moving toward the vortex. The player will know they’ve discovered the invisible vortex when a button prompt appears above their character’s head. The player will follow the button prompt to open the vortex.

    Farming Method:
    - Load the Aperture Science level and play to Test Chamber 03.
    - "Save and Continue" at the checkpoint statue.
    - Solve the puzzle.
    - Once that is done, "Quit to Vorton".
    - Re-enter the level
    - Rinse and repeat as needed.


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