Painting by Numbers Achievement

  • Painting by Numbers



    Complete 25 'Chroma Mode' puzzles

    The Chroma Mode keystone looks like this: ""

    Chroma mode is introduced very early in the game. Chroma mode changes the color of the character in order for the character to follow the color paths to paint them that color. Colors are red, blue, and yellow. Some will need to be purple, green or orange. You will need to move the character to different parts of the toy pad to do so.

    Farming Method:
    - Load the Aperture Science level and play to Test Chamber 02.
    - "Save and Continue" at the checkpoint statue.
    - Solve the puzzle.
    - Once that is done, "Quit to Vorton".
    - Re-enter the level
    - Rinse and repeat as needed.


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