Elemental, My Dear Achievement

  • Elemental, My Dear



    Enter 'Elemental Mode' on 25 unique occasions

    The Elemental Mode keystone looks like this: ""

    Elemental mode gives the player Fire, Ice, Earth (nature), and Lightning properties. Activating an Elemental keystone will change the colors on the Toy Pad allowing characters to use elements in game based on the correct placement of physical LEGO minifigures on the Toy Pad. This should come naturally within gameplay but, if you need to farm for this refer to below.

    Farming Method:
    - Load the Aperture Science level and play to Test Chamber 02.
    - "Save and Continue" at the checkpoint statue.
    - Solve the puzzle.
    - Once that is done, "Quit to Vorton".
    - Re-enter the level
    - Rinse and repeat as needed.


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