Do You Like Bling, Batman? Achievement

  • Do You Like Bling, Batman?



    Give the Batmobile a chrome paint job

    The Batmobile upgrade menu is on the Gateway Portal menu. Go to Upgrades then the Build menu. In order to paint the Batmobile chrome you will need 10 gold bricks. These vehicle tiers (3) cost studs and gold bricks; simply play the story until you do and have studs saved up. To unlock this achievement, you need to purchase all 8 bottom circles. The first row costs 15,000 studs each, second row cost 20,000 studs each and the last third row first two are 50,000 studs each. It is needed to buy the other locked circles for the next Batmobile upgrade.

    Now that you've bought those upgrades, scroll all the way to the right, select the color wheel and change the vehicle to chrome armor. Don't forget to press to save as a toy tag. Once it's saved the achievement will unlock as long with a new chromed Batmobile!


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