Quest Busters Achievement

  • Quest Busters



    Complete any quest in the Ghostbusters (2016) Adventure World

    After you’ve completed the first level, you will automatically be transported to the Ghostbusters 2016 Adventure World hub where, after rebuilding the portal, a ghost stud trail will lead you to the next level.  You are free to roam around the hub at your leisure and you will return to the hub after every level.  There are a lot of activities you can do in this Adventure World; solve puzzles for gold bricks and complete races or renovations.  However, while playing the story, there are no fetch quests available to complete.  You must wait until you’ve completed all six levels to have full access to the hub.

    Continue playing through the six levels.  Once that’s completed, you will return to the Ghostbusters 2016 hub.  Once you’re in the Adventure World, locate an “!” icon on the mini-map.  This icon designates a fetch quest you must complete for an NPC, which usually involves going around the hub to collect items, fight enemies or solve puzzles then returning to the NPC.  Upon completing any quest, the achievement will unlock.

    Note that some quests require the use of certain characters, so if you don’t have a particular character, try another quest.

    Thanks to TheHiddenBlade01 for the video:


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