I usually collect Emeralds... Achievement

  • I usually collect Emeralds...



    Collect any Minikit in the 'Sonic Dimensions' level

    Refer to 1:28 in the video for minikit location.

    Having Gandalf will make getting minikits easier in this level pack. Most of the minikits require 5/5 Sonic box buttons to be pressed and found. There is a minikit with Gandalf in a dark cave in the second section of the first level after you get Sonic's speedster. Light up the cave with Gandalf and you will then notice a big pile of gold rings; smash this pile and Gollum will appear and run away. Smash all the ring boxes and everything else in this cave and build for the minikit. The minikit detector will make finding minikits easier. Refer to the video for a visual guide on all the minikits in this level it's not needed for all minikits you only need one for the achievement.

    Credit: Disney Dan


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