More shinies than a niffler Achievement

  • More shinies than a niffler



    Achieve the ''Rule Breaker'' stud goal in any Fantastic Beasts Story Pack level

    This can easily be obtained with the use of the x2 stud multiplier red brick, which is found in the Lord of the Rings Adventure World and costs 1 million studs to enable. It is recommended that you obtain this red brick before playing any level in this Story Pack so you don’t have to play it again in case you don’t get enough studs.

    The stud goal for each level is:

    • Accruing Interest’ - 145,000 studs
    • Grand Opening’ - 85,000 studs
    • A Walk in the Park’ - 120,000 studs
    • A Trial With Style’ - 125,000 studs
    • Demiguise Double-Cross’ - 105,000 studs
    • Obscurus for Sure-us’ - 58,000 studs

    Just smash everything in sight and pick up all the studs you can. There is a meter at the top of the screen that shows your progress. When the counter is completely full, you will have achieved ‘Rule Breaker’ and the achievement will unlock.


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