A pirate's bounty Achievement

  • A pirate's bounty



    Collect any Minikit in 'The Goonies' level

    Note: There is only one minikit in this level that you can collect with Sloth. All other minikits have to be collected by using minifigs found in other packs.

    As with each story level in the main game, there are 10 minikits to collect in this level. For this achievement, you are only required to collect one. The minikit can be found underwater when you’re on the deck of the pirate ship. After you’ve reunited with the Goonies, when the cutscene is over, jump off the side and under the water will be three chests. To go underwater while using Sloth, press and he will sink to the bottom. Find and destroy them all to reveal the minikit and the achievement will unlock.

    Refer to [25:40] in packattack04082’s video (Superman is used in the video but you can use Sloth as well).


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