... And away he goes, Precious! Achievement

  • ... And away he goes, Precious!



    Defeat Gollum as Gollum.


    This achievement can only be unlocked after completing 'The Secret Stairs' in story mode, which will unlock Gollum as a playable character.

    To get this achievement, you'll need to make both players Gollum and have one kill the other. To do so, enter any level in free play and press and hold and select the fifth circle going clockwise. From here you can select ANY character. Select Gollum, repeat this process with the second player, and kill one with the other.

    If you wish to unlock this achievement in Middle Earth rather than in a story chapter in free play, you will need to wait until you've completed all of the story chapters, since free play selection of characters is not available in Middle Earth until then.

  • On the Middle Earth hub, change both your characters to Gollum. Beat up the other player and you will unlock this achievement.
  • wont let me change both characters to gollum. gonna try a freeplay on osgiliath or dead marshes and kill the npc gollum
  • If you hold down Y then select Gollum in the large menu with all characters you can change both your characters to Gollum to get the achievement.
  • Oh, I thought you had to do it in Taming Gollum...
  • you dont need to be in a level to do this.

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