I'll Do It Myself Achievement

  • I'll Do It Myself



    Witness the 100% Stud Fountain inside Avengers Tower


    You will obtain 100% in this game once you have satisfied these requirements:

    • Collect all 250 Gold Bricks
      • Complete each story level and bonus level (15 bricks)
      • Attain ‘True Believer’ in each story level and bonus level (15 bricks)
      • Collect 10 minikits in each story level and bonus level (15 bricks)
      • Rescue 1 Stan Lee in Peril in each story level and bonus level (15 bricks)
      • Rescue the remaining Stan Lee in Peril, 1 in each of the 7 hubs and 13 in Manhattan (20 bricks) (refer to “I Am Iron Stan”)
      • Collect the remaining gold bricks in each of the 8 hubs by completing puzzles and character side-quests (170 bricks)
    • Unlock and purchase all 18 Red Bricks (refer to “Going Knowhere”)
    • Unlock and purchase all 196 Characters (DLC not included)
    • Unlock and purchase all 38 Land Vehicles and 25 Air Vehicles
    • Create a custom character (refer to “Create a Super Hero”)

    When you have achieved 100%, land on the Avengers Tower landing pad and walk straight into the elevator. When you exit, head to the second level (there is a bar on either side and a lounge area in the middle). In the middle of the lounge area is a device with a switch. Pull the switch and a colored globe will drop from the ceiling, studs will start falling and spew from the fountain, which will unlock the achievement.

    Note: To purchase all 63 vehicles, make sure that you visit both the red and blue platforms located in the hubs as all vehicles are not accessible from one color platform.

    Refer to this video playlist by VGFAQ to 100% the game:

    Thanks to VGFAQ for the Stud Fountain video:

  • Am I the only who have a glitch in my game? I have every minikit, gold brick, red brick, true avenger and saved all of them Stan Lees but it says I only have completed 98.7% of the game? do any of you knows what is wrong?
  • Have u bought the vehicles, past Lego games people have forgotten to purchase them
  • I agree with @2. Make sure to buy them in Manhattan. The larger land vehicles aren't for sale in the smaller hubs. They won't even show up.
  • I have all the red bricks, all the gold bricks, all minikits, all Stan Lee saves, all the character tokens, all the Hulk selfies, all the vehicles(unlocked and bought) and am stuck at 99.7% completion. This is the only achievement I need and have no idea what else I need to do in order to get the fountain to appear.
  • i am at 99.2% completion and have like 6-8 more characters to unlock,all of which are in manhattan.none of the people with icons are where they are located though so i am comletely lost on how to get 100%.
  • I am also at 99.7% and can not find anything additional to buy or unlock. HELP!
  • You have to do all the agent carter missions in order 1-10. There is a video on youtube.
  • Larger vehicles in Manhattan was what I was missing. Jumped from 99.3 to 100% Off to the fountain!!!

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