On Your Left Achievement

  • On Your Left



    Play as any version of Falcon and as any version of Cap, while in Washington D.C.

    The first version of Captain America you unlock is the Age of Ultron variant, which unlocks automatically after completing the level ‘Struck Off the List’. Throughout the first Avengers movie levels, you unlock a few more variants of Captain America, all of which will work for this achievement.

    Falcon is unlocked automatically when you complete the level ‘Lack of Insight’ (which is unlocked after you complete the final first Avengers movie level ‘Earth’s Mightiest’).

    After you’ve unlocked both characters, travel to the Washington D.C. hub. When you land, hold  to bring up the character grid (if you can’t do this yet, visit a blue or red platform). Then select a version of Captain America that you’ve unlocked. Press  to switch characters and again hold  for the character grid and select Falcon. The achievement will unlock shortly after.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5W9AhY8fs1Y

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