A Funny Thing Happened Achievement

  • A Funny Thing Happened



    Drive Lola as Agent Coulson

    Lola is Agent Coulson’s red convertible. To unlock Lola, you must complete a race in Manhattan that starts near West Harlem and finishes near Washington Heights (refer to the video below). Once it’s unlocked, it can be purchased for 75,000 studs at any blue or red platform. 

    To unlock Agent Coulson, refer to “A Magical Place” for more information. 

    Once you have both of them unlocked, travel to any hub and find a blue or red platform. Activate it and select the circle with the vehicles on it and choose Lola to spawn on the platform. When that is done, activate the platform again and select the circle with the characters on it and change your character to Agent Coulson (or hold  to bring up the character grid if you have that ability). Enter the vehicle and the achievement will unlock shortly after.

    Thanks to VGFAQ for the Lola race location (at 23m 42s):

  • Not "blue or red", only red. Because red platforms are for flying vehicles, where Lola can be found.

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