Globe Trotter Achievement

  • Globe Trotter



    Visit all Hub locations

    Note: Despite what the achievement description says, you must visit each hub in a single session, meaning you can’t return to the main menu, play another game or turn your console off until you visit all 8 hubs.

    For this achievement, all you need to do is visit each of the 8 hubs. To access them, when you are in Free Play, press  and select ‘Go to Space’. From here, you can replay any level or visit any hub. Move your ship to one of the flagged locations and press  twice to travel to that area.

    While you travel to most of these hubs during the story, they are not fully accessible until after you’ve completed the levels below.

    There are 8 hubs: 

    • Asgard - accessible after completing ‘Earth’s Mightiest’
    • Malibu - accessible after completing ‘Earth’s Mightiest’
    • Manhattan - accessible after completing ‘Earth’s Mightiest’
    • S.H.I.E.L.D. Base - accessible after completing ‘Earth’s Mightiest’
    • Washington D.C. - unlocked after completing ‘Earth’s Mightiest’
    • South Africa - accessible after completing ‘Anger Management’
    • Barton’s Farm - accessible after completing ‘Korea Prospects’
    • Sokovia - accessible after completing ‘Ultron Undone’
  • This has to be done in one play through.

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