Over the Moon Achievement

  • Over the Moon



    Play as Moon Knight, Moondragon, Moon Boy in one session

    Note: You must play as each character in a single session, meaning you can’t return to the main menu, play another game or turn your console off before spawning as all three characters.

    Moon Knights’s token is unlocked after completing his mission, ‘Under Cover of Knight’, in East Harlem in Manhattan for 75,000 studs.

    Moondragon’s token is located on the HMS Churchill boat in the South Africa Hub. You need to destroy the Silver LEGO chest, build the pieces and flip the switch to get behind the door with the red beams. Use Black Widow or Tony Stark to activate the Technology Panel to jumpstart the generator which opens a large door that contains the token. Collect it and purchase it for 80,000 studs.

    Moon Boy’s token is unlocked after completing his mission, ‘Jurassic Cover-Up’, in the Barton’s Farm Hub (he’s standing next to Devil Dinosaur) for 5,000 studs.

    After you’ve unlocked and purchased all three characters, hold  to bring up the character grid (if you can’t do this yet, visit a blue or red platform). Then select one character to spawn. Repeat this process two more times for the remaining characters. Once you select the third character, the achievement will unlock.


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