Perfect Pannapictagraphist Achievement

  • Perfect Pannapictagraphist



    Unlock and view all 15 Minikit Comic Pages


    Collecting all 10 minikits within a level unlocks one comic page. For this achievement, you first have to collect all 150 minikits from all 15 levels of the game. Then, go to The Collector’s room on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and walk over to the terminal on the right. Press  to access the terminal and then scroll through all 15 comic pages. When you view the last one, the achievement will unlock.

    Refer to this video playlist by VGFAQ for all minikit locations:

  • Here is a video guide for all the minikit locations in each level:
  • Where do I find the comic pages?
  • I struggled to find this as well - go to the helicarrier, down the elevator, head to the hallway to the left and take the first door on your right. Jump through the portal and then of the 3 screens, use the screen on the right (the centre screen lets you enter cheat codes). You'll see the level names and your minikit count, just press A to see the comic cover, B to go back and then cycle through the levels. You obviously need to have all 10 kits to see each respective cover. Hope that helps!
  • I've looked at all of the comics and this achievement won't pop.
  • This popped randomly while I was browsing the store, so that happened.

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