Going Knowhere Achievement

  • Going Knowhere



    Turn on all Red Brick Extras at the same time


    There are 18 red bricks: 15 are hidden within the levels and 3 are obtainable immediately in The Collector’s room on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. For this achievement, you are required to have all 18 red bricks activated at the same time.

    To obtain the 15 bricks in each level, you need to locate The Collector in each of them. He will send you on a quest to retrieve an item. Find it, bring it back to him and he will reward you with a red brick. You need27,700,000 studs total to buy them all. Refer to the video below for each red brick location and the location of The Collector’s room.

    Note: The red bricks located in each level can only be found in Free Play.

    Here is a list of the red bricks and their cost and location: 

    1. Attract Studs - 100,000 studs (Available Immediately)
    2. Studs x2 - 1,000,000 studs (Struck Off the List)
    3. Studs x4 - 2,000,000 studs (A Loki Entrance)
    4. Studs x6 - 4,000,000 studs (Rail Hydra)
    5. Studs x8 - 6,000,000 studs (Shakespeare in the Park)
    6. Studs x10 - 8,000,000 studs (Helicarrier Havoc)
    7. Disguises - 200,000 studs (Available Immediately)
    8. Fast Fix - 600,000 studs (Earth's Mightiest)
    9. Character Token Detector - 500,000 studs (Lack of Insight)
    10. Gold Brick Detector – 1,000,000 studs (Ready A.I.M. Fire)
    11. Minikit Detector - 500,000 studs (Lost in the Aether)
    12. Stan Lee in Peril Detector - 250,000 studs (No Strings On Me)
    13. Quest Detector - 300,000 studs (Anger Management)
    14. Fast Build – 1,000,000 studs (Korea Prospects)
    15. Fast Dig - 500,000 studs (Rise of Ultron)
    16. Collect Ghost Studs - 250,000 studs (Ultron Undone)
    17. Target 2nd Player – 1,000,000 studs (Available Immediately)
    18. Unlimited Avengers Team-Up Moves - 500,000 studs (Avengers Assemble)

    Thanks to VGFAQ for the red brick locations video:


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