Master of the Mystic Arts Achievement

  • Master of the Mystic Arts



    Complete the 'All-New All-Different Doctor Strange' level with all Minikits unlocked


    Like each level in the main game, there are a total of 10 minikits in this level. They are not all available to you in Story mode, so you will have to complete this in Free Play. Once you have obtained them all, you must complete the level to unlock this achievement. You cannot Save & Exit the level as it will not count as complete. Refer to the video for the locations.

    Characters required: Scan Vision, Electric Panels, Speed Walking, Break Cracked Walls, Cosmic Powers, Rockets, Grapple, Break Glass, Telekinesis, Laser/Heat Beam, Pass through Grates, Repair

    Thanks to packattack04082 for the video:

  • The 4th picture was harder to find, you need to go into the bathroom downstairs and fly up through the ceiling
  • I replayed it in "story mode" then in "freeplay" back and forth 3 times each but what did it for me was in "freeplay" allowing the movies to play in their entirety in the beginning, in addition to destroying and collecting everything again in the level and then allowing the end movie to play and it's entirety.

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