Quick as a Cat Achievement

  • Quick as a Cat



    Complete any race in the HUB using the Black Panther Cycle

    The Black Panther Skycycle is included with the ‘Classic Black Panther’ level. In the Manhattan hub, there is both a land race and a red platform sitting on a dock along the eastern edge of the city just north of the Queensboro Bridge (almost directly below the Hellicarrier). Step on the platform and activate it. The Skycycle is along the bottom row. Select it to spawn and press to enter the vehicle.

    Now move over to the starting line and press . The Skycycle has very sluggish controls, so it's best to anticipate where you have to go. The race will take you north through an underpass into oncoming traffic through Yorkville where you emerge in East Harlem. Take a left around a corner and at the next corner turn left again. The finish line is at the next intersection.

    Of course, feel free to select any race in Manhattan that you find easy. Note that the Skycycle is also available from blue platforms, so if you find another race in another hub easier, go for it. Also, if you know where the land race ends, you can place the Skycycle at the last marker then use a speed runner like Quicksilver to run through the race, jump on the vehicle at the end and finish the race on the Skycycle. (thanks Darauk).

    Note: To make the Skycycle fly, hold , but the flying controls are worse than the ground controls. (thanks MathGuy42).

  • I posted this for the Xbox 360, but it should work for the One as well for anyone who might be having trouble getting this achievement: An easy way to do this: 1) Run the race once as a speedster (this is usually pretty easy) to determine where the race ends. 2) Spawn the bike and park it just in front of the final checkpoint. 3) Start the race as a speedster and run through all the checkpoints before the finish. 4) Jump on the bike and drive it through the final checkpoint. The game doesn't care if you run the whole race on the bike, just that you are riding it when you finish the race.
  • The Skycycle is only available from the RED Platforms. It's not in the Blue ones.
  • Schfooge, thanks for the tip; that worked beautifully.

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