-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 49 (1000)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30-50 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: Only 3 (See Introduction)
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed?: Drum, Guitar, and Microphone Peripherals

Welcome to the Road Map for Lego Rock Band! This is by far the easiest Rock Band game to achieve the full 1000 in. There are only three achievements for which you will need to play on Expert: Brian MAY Be Jealous, The Final Countdown, and Solid Gold, Easy Action!. All of the remaining achievements can be obtained through Super Easy difficulty and the fan trick, which makes this a breeze.

Step 1: Story Mode
This is where you'll get the majority of the achievements. Simply go through the story mode until the end, playing on whatever difficulty you feel comfortable with. By the end, you'll have all the vehicle and rock power challenge achievements, as well as New to the Scene, Twinkle, Twinkle, Pencil Pusher, Local Legend, and Universal Acclaim.

Step 2: Shopping
Now that you've accumulated your riches from Story Mode, go to your rock den and purchase items for the walls, floor, ceiling, etc. until you get Hovel, Sweet Hovel, House Proud, and Luxury Living.
Afterward, go to the Rock Shop and buy clothes and instruments until you get Bare Essentials, Appetite for Apparel, Fashion Victim, Gear Head, and Instrumental.
Now, the final part of this is to go into the office, go to the left, and hire all the entourage members. Doing so will get you You're Hired!, and #1 Boss. If you don't have enough money to complete this step, just come back after the next step.

Step 3: Tour Mop-Up
Now, go back and complete every single gig in Story Mode for Veteran Performer. It'll take a while, so if you get bored, use the fan trick (use vocals on Super Easy, put the mic in front of a fan or something that constantly produces noise and you're guaranteed to get 100% every time). Afterward, if you don't have 1000 stars and 1,000,000 fans, go back and use the fan trick to gain more stars/fans until Super Stars and Fan-TASTIC unlock. If you haven't already, also get Stud Farmer. In getting Veteran Performer, you'll also get Tour de Force, Long Distance Runner, and Endless Shameless (If you have trouble with endurance for the latter two, refer to the fan trick).

Step 4: Multiplayer
Now you get to do the multiplayer achievements. All Four One! and Practice Makes Perfect require 4 players, but technically you could do both of these by yourself if you have 2 guitars, a drum set, and a mic (see Spade422's thread here for help on doing Practice Makes Perfect by yourself, and in doing so, you'll also get All Four One!), but it is a lot easier with 4 people. Just refer to the guide below.

Step 5:Flawless Achievements
Now go for the flawless achievements. They require you to get 100% on a song with an instrument, but don't specify a difficulty or song, so just set it on Super Easy on "We Will Rock You" and they should be painless.

Step 6: The Final Step
There are only three achievements left. Unfortunately, they're the hardest ones. First, go for Solid Gold, Easy Action!. The guide below specifies the easiest way, but if you don't have access to Xbox LIVE, try Expert Bass or Drums (whichever you're better at) on "We Will Rock You."
Next, go for Brian MAY Be Jealous. To get this, you have to get 100% on a guitar solo on Expert. See the guide below for some easy solos.
Finally, the achievement that separates the men from the boys. The Final Countdown. It's without doubt the hardest achievement, so you'll need to go into practice. Aside from that, I can't give you any advice that will help; it's all about skill. Good luck!

You now have 1000 in Lego: Rock Band, and you can now officially say you got the full Gamerscore in a Rock Band game. Congratulations!

[x360a would like to thank Neverender for this Road Map]

LEGO Rock Band Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
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Show secret achievements

There are 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete your first gig on the World Tour


    Your first gig is located under the Van. Once in your Rock Den, go to Begin Tour. Play the first or second song. Achievement unlocked.

  • Play at every venue on the World Tour


    There are two venues per vehicle. Play a song in each one for this achievement.

    Venue List:

    Camper Van:
    LEGO City Station
    Bill Diff Construction Co.

    Brickton Manor
    Crystal Mine

    The Jolly Rocker
    The Parrot n' Pegleg

    LEGO City Speedway
    LEGO City Skyscraper

    Tour Bus:
    Stud Farm
    LEGO City Zoo

    The Bone Cave
    Volcanic Rock

    The Abyss
    The Coral Riff

    Private Jet:
    Brickingham Castle
    Wembrick Stadium

    The Moon
    Space Rock Festival

  • Complete all gigs on the World Tour (except for the Rock Marathon Setlist and Endless Setlist)


    There are 161 gigs to play. Most of the time it is 3 single songs, one make a setlist, and one mystery setlist. Sometimes special ones show up. Just play all of the gigs for the achievement. Below is a gig list made by SengIV.

    Gig List

  • Complete the Rock Marathon Setlist on the World Tour


    This is located in the final vehicle. It is a 15 song set with all randomized songs.

  • Complete the Endless Setlist on the World Tour


    Endless setlist is where you play a 30 song random setlist without a break. You can pause and stretch your fingers, etc. but get ready because this is a long achievement. The best way to do this is set up a mic next to your TV or a fan. Put it on Super Easy. Use a controller that is wired or a play n charge kit. Start it and walk away. Come back in awhile and you will have this without doing anything.

  • Purchase the 2nd vehicle on the World Tour


    This vehicle is the Minibus. It costs 50,000 studs and unlocks more venues. This is the first vehicle you can unlock.

  • Purchase the 3rd vehicle on the World Tour


    This is the boat. It cost 100,000 studs and unlocks more venues. This is the second vehicle you unlock.

  • Purchase the 4th vehicle on the World Tour


    This is the helicopter and costs 150,000 studs. Third vehicle you unlock in the story mode.

  • Purchase the 5th vehicle on the World Tour


    This is the tour bus and costs 200,000 studs. This one unlocks after you get your first album made. To get your first album made, you must have the Record Producer in your entourage. To get the Record Producer in your entourage you must beat the single song Accidentally in Love.

  • Purchase the 6th vehicle on the World Tour


    The hovercraft is the next vehicle and costs 300,000 studs.

  • Purchase the 7th vehicle on the World Tour


    The submarine is the next one and costs 500,000 studs.

  • Purchase the 8th vehicle on the World Tour


    The Jet is the 8th vehicle to buy. It costs 750,000 studs.

  • Unlock the Teleporter on the World Tour


    After doing a rock power challenge, this will unlock automatically.

  • Complete the Wreck 'n' Roll Rock Power Challenge


    This is the first Rock Power Challenge in the game. You have to play well enough to knock down a house. When playing with more then one player, you switch back and forth on who plays at what time.

  • Hire a Band Manager


    This achievement is story related. You must finish the Hot Connections! gig located under the Camper Van and the venue is LEGO City Station. It is very simple, all you have to do is earn 3 stars on the song, Crocodile Rock. But if you are struggling, just lower the difficulty.

  • Hire an Entourage member


    Once the office is open with a manager, you can hire your entourage. They give you special bonuses for songs. The lowest member you can buy is 10,000 which is the intern.

  • Hire all Entourage members


    See You're Hired!
    Just buy them all when they become available. More become available as you buy others and progress through the story. A new one is unlocked when you play a new gig in a vehicle. One of them unlocks after playing X many gigs and that is the Record Producer.

    Here are the songs needed to play for each entourage member to unlock so you can buy them. (Credit for list goes to Son of Kyuss):

    • Camper Van > LEGO City Station > Grace by Supergrass
    • Minibus > Brickton Manor > Girls and Boys by Good Charlotte
    • Speedboat > The Jolly Rocker > Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows
    • Chopper > LEGO City Speedway > Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) by Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel
    • Tour Bus > Stud Farm > Valerie by The Zutons
    • Hovercraft > The Bone Cave > Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas
    • Submarine > The Abyss > Naïve by The Kooks
    • Private Jet > Brickingham Castle > Two Princes by Spin Doctors
    • Teleporter > UFO > Fire by Jimi Hendrix
  • Purchase one item of rock den furniture


    When in the Rock Den, press . Then click on any area that says NEW. Buy a piece of furniture or design. There are many different areas to choose from:

    • Office
    • Watch TV
    • Rock Shop
    • Continue Tour
    • Rock Power Challenges
    • Free Play
    • Practice Stage
  • Spend 100,000 studs on rock den furniture


    Do the same as Hovel, Sweet Hovel, but use over 100,000 studs to buy furniture. 100,000 isn't that much at all because in this game, the studs you get are the points you earned in the song. So if you score 103,534 on the song, you get that many studs.

  • Spend 1,000,000 studs on rock den furniture


    Same as House Proud and Hovel, Sweet Hovel. Just use over one million studs. Again, it should take maybe 4-7 songs to get this but it takes a lot of gigs to unlock enough furniture to actually buy. Keep playing in old vehicles as well as new ones to make sure you unlock enough furniture.

  • Purchase an item of clothing


    Go to the Rock Shop from your Rock Den. Then go to Band. Then pick anything but instruments and buy a piece. The lowest item is a shirt that costs 1,000 studs. Hair/Hats section does count as clothing and so does the Minifigures section.

  • Spend 100,000 studs or more on items of clothing


    See Bare Essentials.

  • Spend 1,000,000 studs or more on items of clothing

    See Bare Essentials and Appetite For Apparel. If you want this achievement really fast, just buy 1,000,000 studs worth of minifigures. These seem to count as 'clothing'. Three of these cost 500,000. So buy two when you have the money.

  • Purchase an instrument


    See Fashion Victim and Luxury Living. Instead of buying clothes, click on instruments and buy one.

  • Spend 1,000,000 studs or more on instruments


    See Gear Head. If you run out of a certain instrument to buy, switch to another one and buy its version. Which means you can buy drums, mics, guitars, and basses.

  • Get 100 fans


    You will have this by your second or third song if you get 5 stars on those. On my first song, Free Fallin' by Tom Petty, I scored got 5 stars and ended up getting 70 fans. The next song I got 70 fans again. I am not sure if it is the same for everyone else, but right now it looks like an average of 70 in the Van section. After that it goes up fast.

  • Get 1,000,000 fans


    Buy all the entourage members that increase your fan percent. You will end up having thousands per song. Then just keep playing songs. It won't happen fast but won't take too long either. If you get stuck, keep playing the Rock Power Challenges. These give 3x fans, plus any extra bonuses you get could net you 40,000 in a song. Playing a three song set with the first two Entourage multipliers on, on Expert and getting five stars earned me 80,000 fans. It really depends on how you play and how good you do with the setlist.

  • Get 100 Stars


    This takes twenty 5 star songs. Five starring isn't that hard in this game. Again, if you are having trouble, lower the difficulty.

  • Get 1000 Stars


    This is a big one. Play through career playing each gig. You should be close. Then keep replaying easy songs until unlocked. Endless setlist will add a lot of stars. If you five star every song in the Endless Setlist, you will get 150 stars. So that shows you how long it will take in this game. Just keep playing and five starring songs. I would say that in career, you can get about 2000 stars by 5 starring every song. So 1000 stars isn't too bad. 150 from Endless Setlist, 75 from Rock Marathon, then you need to make up the others. Some setlists get to be 5 song setlists, giving 25 stars. So just keep playing and this will be natural.

  • Complete the Story


    Playing the final rock challenge, Armageddon Outta Here, and beating it will unlock this achievement.

  • Score 100% notes hit as a Guitarist


    With this game, the 100% achievements are a piece of cake. They added a Super Easy mode to the game. Guitar is simple. Vocals are flat. Drums are nothing. And Bass is a joke. You can literally play any song and get these. The easiest song is probably Charlene.

  • Score 100% notes hit as a Drummer


    Charlene is again the easiest song, and is a free download from the marketplace. Playing on Super Easy, you only have to hit a few notes. If you can play on Easy very well then this achievement is nothing for you. Super Easy has Auto-Kick on and the achievement still unlocks.

    Here is the super easy way:

    Play Charlene on Super-Easy. Remember auto-kick is on, so no kick pedal needed. Now never ever use your star power. Because the Overdrive sections for drums take away some of the actual song, you don't have to even play those. This cuts the song in half. Making the ending, which is a line of yellows and reds, very very easy.

    We Will Rock You is another very easy song on drums. It is just red notes. Simple and easy.

  • Score a 100% rating as a Vocalist


    By playing on Super Easy, the fan trick works here. You can leave a fan running and get you 100%, even on We Will Rock You which is one of the hardest vocal songs. Again, just play Charlene because it is 1 minute long.

  • Score 100% notes hit as a Bassist


    Charlene is very very easy on Expert, so Super Easy is nothing. There are only a few notes, nothing even close to being complicated.

  • Achieve a 100% Stud Recovery during a performance


    Fail out on purpose in a co-op game. Then play the stud recovery game. It just plays the real song and you have to hit each note with a stud counter above it. Very easy to do if you purposely fail out.

  • 100% a guitar solo on Expert


    Guitar solos aren't the easiest thing in this game, but here is a running list of easy guitar solos:

    • So What by Pink
    • Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams
    • Dig by Incubus
  • Score 100% on the Guitar Solo in "The Final Countdown" on Expert


    Tough achievement here. All I can say is practice. The best thing to do is slide your hand back and forth because most of the solos are HO/PO sliding notes. Practice in practice mode at 50%, then keep playing that until you easily 100% it. Then move up to 60%, keep playing until you 100% it. Keep doing this all the way up to regular speed. Once you can 100% it, play the song and unlock this achievement.

  • Complete a song with four band members


    Complete a song with all band members being human controlled. You can do this with 3 people because someone can play both mic and something else. Just complete a song. This can be done on Super Easy.

  • All four band members score 100% notes hit


    Play on Super Easy. Everything is so simple, even a non player can play well and help you. Again, Charlene is by far the easiest song in the game. Only the first player signed in will get this achievement. So if your other friends want it have them be the only profile signed in (must be under player 1 also).

  • Gold Star any song


    Gold Starring is getting 6/5 stars. It means gaining a whole extra song after a 5 star. Expert must be played. Play Charlene on Expert Bass. After the second star power, use it. You wont have it go away the rest of the song easily netting you this gold star. Below is a video showing you where to go, etc. and how easy this song really is. Again, a free download on Xbox Live Marketplace.


Secret achievements

  • Kings of Rock 'n' Troll completed


    This is another required rock power challenge.

  • Rock the Boat completed


    This is a Rock Power Challenge. You are on a boat where guys are covered in ice. Beat the song and you unlock this achievement.

  • Securi-T-Rex completed


    You need to escape the T-Rex in this Rock Power Challenge.

  • Rock the Crop completed


    Help the farmers out and beat this Rock Power Challenge to make it rain!

  • Rocktopus completed


    This is the third rock challenge you play. Just complete this Rock Power Challenge.

  • Shock Band completed


    This is your second rock challenge when you must get rid of the ghosts. The song is Ghostbusters and is very easy again.

  • Road Crew hired


    This is one of the first gigs you encounter. Play the gig and beat it and you are offered a Road Crew. Comes on the first vehicle.

  • Stop the Rock completed


    This is the final rock power challenge and will also unlock beating the story mode.

  • Rock-It Fuel completed


    The aliens need your help getting their ship going! Rock Power Challenge.

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