''Now I am the Master'' Achievement

  • ''Now I am the Master''



    Achieve True Jedi in every level

    Each of the 45 levels contains a stud bar at the top of the screen, and that bar fills up as you collect studs by finding them positioned in a level, building objects or by smashing LEGO bricks. There are three tiers to this bar: silver, blue, and purple, and the thresholds for each of these tiers differs from level to level (refer to the individual episode achievements above for more information).

    Until you purchase at least one stud multiplier, don’t worry about filling the stud bars, because chances are that you will not achieve True Jedi in any of them while you play through the story. Keep collecting studs between and in the levels, and even revisiting planets you’ve already completed the story in, and once you have accumulated at least 1 million studs, you should locate and collect a datacard so you can purchase the x2 stud multiplier upgrade, found in the 'Extras' tab of the Holoprojector. Datacards are necessary to purchase the upgrades and extras in that menu, and are found in certain locations around the galaxy. For the locations, refer to ''What have you done with those plans?'' (20G).

    Once you have purchased the x2 multiplier, it should be enough for you to achieve True Jedi in the remainder of the story levels, provided you are collecting enough to fill the bar. Once you have done that, instead of returning to the levels you still need True Jedi in, start completing events on the planets (finding more datacards, Kyber bricks, etc.) so you can accumulate more studs, enough to purchase more multipliers. When you have purchased the x4 and even the x6 multiplier, you can return to the levels you need and within a few moments in each, you should achieve True Jedi. Repeat for each of the levels necessary to finally unlock this achievement.

    One of the core character upgrades that might be useful to you is 'Attract Studs', which acts like a magnet and pulls studs towards your character so you don’t have to run around as much. There are three levels to this upgrade with increasing range. It is not necessary to have this, but it will make collecting less tedious.

    Another upgrade that is beneficial is in the Bounty Hunter tree called ‘Hidden Bounties’. When purchased, you receive a certain amount of studs for defeating enemies, increasing with each level. As a bonus, if you are using stud multipliers, the amount of studs increases based on which multipliers you have active.

    Note: If you are playing the levels for the first time, you must complete the level in order to save your collectible progress (True Jedi, minikits and level challenges). When replaying a level in Free Play, as soon as you’ve collected everything, you can exit the level which will save your collectible progress.

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