''You needn't worry about your reward'' Achievement

  • ''You needn't worry about your reward''



    Collect all Minikits

    Each of the 45 story levels have five minikits. They are white canister collectibles that are hidden away, usually from normal level progression. Some require shooting targets, while for others you need to solve a simple puzzle. There are 225 in total and you earn a Kyber brick for collecting all five minikits in a level.

    While some minikits are available to you while playing through the story for the first time, many of them can only be collected with certain character abilities; therefore will need to be finished up in Free Play while completing the rest of the level challenges. None of them are too difficult to obtain; there are generally no time constraints while playing levels, but if you complete a main objective that advances progress and you miss your opportunity, you must replay the level.

    To view which minikits you are missing in a level, navigate to the ‘Minikits’ list in the Holoprojector (:1page: then :1rb: to the ‘Missions’ tab). If a minikit is not revealed, you can purchase the rumor and it will give you a clue to its location. To further aid you, you can purchase ‘Collectible Detector’ in the core character upgrades and it will show you the general vicinity of the collectibles in a level.

    Note: You can also purchase ‘Collectible Detector’ from the core character upgrades that will show you onscreen the general vicinity of the minikit.

    For a text guide on the locations of all the minikits, refer to THIS LINK, courtesy of GameFAQs.

    Provided below are videos on how to obtain all the minikits and level challenges in each level, courtesy of packattack04082.

    Episode I through Episode III
    Episode IV through Episode VI
    Episode VII through Episode IX

    : If you are playing the levels for the first time, you must complete the level in order to save your collectible progress (True Jedi, minikits and level challenges). When replaying a level in Free Play, as soon as you’ve collected everything, you can exit the level which will save your collectible progress.

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