''Power! Unlimited power!'' Achievement

  • ''Power! Unlimited power!''



    Fully upgrade all of the character classes

    Upgrading all 9 character classes will require 847 Kyber bricks and approximately 3 million studs. Core upgrades are not needed for this achievement, but chances are that might purchase a few of them before you unlock this achievement, so more Kyber bricks will be required. Refer to ''You may fire when ready'' (75G) to learn more about Kyber bricks.

    To upgrade all character classes and core upgrades, you will need 1163 (of 1200) Kyber bricks and roughly 3.3 million studs.

    For each class, there are four categories with three upgrades, or tiers, in each category. Higher tiers aren’t available until the lower tiers are purchased. Each upgrade improves the way a certain class performs in the game, whether it’s reducing damage when wearing a disguise for a Hero, increasing the damage of Force thrown items for a Jedi, climbing faster for a Scavenger, or having your weapon shoot more bolts per shot for a Bounty Hunter. While they are all beneficial, most aren’t necessary. Below is a list of helpful upgrades:
    • Hero - ‘Hero Terminal Expert’ (bypass the terminal puzzle and receive studs)
    • Scoundrel - ‘Business Opportunist’ (up to 50% discount on rumor)
    • Villain - ‘Villain Terminal Expert’ (bypass the terminal puzzle and receive studs)
    • Bounty Hunter - ‘Hidden Bounties’ (collect studs for defeated enemies)
    • Astromech Droid - ‘Astromech Socket Expert’ (bypass the terminal puzzle and receive studs)
    Purchase what you feel you need for free roaming the story levels and for completing all the planetary events. While it isn’t required to purchase core upgrades, buying a few will make playing the game a bit easier. Here are a few that should be bought:
    • ‘Speedy Sprint’ (forced to purchase after your first story level)
    • ‘Collectible Detector’ (highlights collectibles on screen)
    • ‘Attract Studs’ (your character acts like a magnet)
    For a list and descriptions of all the upgrades and what their costs are, visit THIS LINK, courtesy of GameFAQs.

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