''What have you done with those plans?'' Achievement

  • ''What have you done with those plans?''



    Collect every datacard

    This cannot be attempted until you’ve progressed far enough into the story to have unlocked all the locations you are required to travel to. Capital ships are not required for this achievement.

    In total, there are 19 datacards in the game. These are necessary for purchasing items from the ‘Extras’ menu of the Holoprojector, such as stud multipliers, universal translator, baguette lightsabers, and big head mode, to name a few. These have taken the place of the red brick collectibles from previous LEGO games.

    Each datacard can be found on different planets while you’re free roaming around the galaxy. Certain character abilities will be required to obtain them. They don’t appear on your minimap until they are discovered or if you’ve upgraded the ‘Collectible Detector’ core character upgrade to Tier 3 in the ‘Upgrades’ menu of the Holoprojector. Once they’re on your minimap, you can set a waypoint that will guide you to them. These do not need to be purchased; they’re available to use once you collect them.

    You will earn this achievement on your way to unlocking ''See you around, kid'' (100G).

    Thanks to Thomas’ Trophy Tutorials for the video:

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