''You may fire when ready'' Achievement

  • ''You may fire when ready''



    Collect 1000 Kyber Bricks

    There are a total of 1200 Kyber bricks in the game. For this achievement, you only need to collect 1000, but to earn other achievements, 1163 are required.

    For 100% completing each of the 45 levels, you will collect 270 Kyber bricks. The remaining bricks are obtained by completing side missions, puzzles, trials, galaxy challenges and on capital ships. As you’re collecting them, if a certain character is required to proceed, an icon will appear on the screen to let you know which ability to use.

    Kyber bricks are used together with studs to purchase character upgrades. While you can only spend bricks you’ve collected and the number of bricks decreases with each upgrade you purchase, your total is cumulative so you don’t lose what you’ve collected.

    It is suggested that you purchase ‘Collectible Detector’ in the core character upgrades as early as possible as brick locations will then be highlighted on your screen, even though they already appear on your map. You will need to purchase Tier 2 of the upgrade, which will cost 15 bricks and 35,000 studs.

    You will earn this achievement on your way to unlocking ''See you around, kid'' (100G). Note that some Kyber bricks aren’t available until certain objectives are completed; you can select locked objectives and purchase the rumor to show what the prerequisites are.

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