''Hello there!'' Achievement

  • ''Hello there!''



    Collect all characters

    In total, there are 380 characters in the game, divided into 10 different classes. If you complete each story level and all planetary events, you will unlock all but two characters. For the final two, one is unlocked on the Death Star capital ship while the other is unlocked by completing the ‘Where’s the Wookiee’ galaxy challenge.

    Despite what the achievement description says, you must purchase each character. Since playing through the story unlocks at least one of each class, each character thereafter is just an alternate, so it is recommended that you do not purchase any of them until you have at least unlocked ''Only one business in the Galaxy...'' (40G). You will need approximately 20 million studs to purchase them all.

    You will earn this achievement on your way to unlocking ''See you around, kid'' (100G). Note that some characters do not appear until you complete side missions; you can select the locked character and purchase the rumor to show what the prerequisites are.

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