''See you around, kid'' Achievement

  • ''See you around, kid''



    Complete all of the events in the Galaxy

    This achievement will make up the bulk of your time in the game. It requires you to visit all 23 inhabited planets and their surrounding space (there is nothing to collect on the 24th planet, Kijimi) and 100% collect all of its Kyber bricks, characters, ships, and datacards. Some planets, like Coruscant, Tatooine, Naboo, and Jakku, have more than one location. Also, each of the locations on the planets have interior locations, like residences, establishments, rooms, etc. Remember to check them all as most of them contain some type of collectible.

    Note: The Steadfast and Trade Federation Battleship capital ships are required for this achievement; you must unlock, disable, then take them over before attempting to complete two shooting galleries.

    In all, there are 834 Kyber bricks, 157 characters, 42 ships, and 19 datacards to collect. Of these four, only the datacards are all available from the start. Some bricks, characters and ships won’t be available to you until you complete other side missions and/or puzzles, sometimes on completely different planets. If something is locked or not revealed, you can purchase the rumor and it will give you a clue to its location or unlock requirements.

    For side missions, you are often tasked with going on fetch quests to other locations or planets. For puzzles, however, what you need to solve it is always in the immediate vicinity, while some of the trials might require a few attempts. Luckily, everything is trackable by going to the ‘Missions’ tab in the Holoprojector (:1page: then :1rb: to the correct tab). Also, you can set a marker so you are guided to the location of the collectible. Setting a marker will make your collecting much easier, but sometimes you may need to find a way to get to the collectible that may appear inaccessible (like using a Jedi character to lift a droid to a higher platform, for example).

    Sometimes, NPCs will only speak to certain character classes, so make sure you change your character appropriately. Also, it is very beneficial if you purchase the ‘Universal Translator’ extra (it costs 500,000 studs and one datacard) as you don’t need a Protocol Droid to speak to alien species or droids.

    To further aid you, you can purchase ‘Collectible Detector’ in the core character upgrades that will show you collectibles in a level. The higher the tier purchased the more collectibles it will reveal. Videos have been provided for each planet in the individual “complete all events…” achievements.

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