''The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy'' Achievement

  • ''The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy''



    Complete all races in the Galaxy

    This cannot be attempted until you’ve progressed far enough into the story to have unlocked all the locations you are required to travel to. The Steadfast and Trade Federation Battleship capital ships are required for this achievement; you must unlock, disable, then take them over before attempting to obtain two Kyber bricks.

    There are 38 races in the game, also referred to as trials. These are timed challenges, both in space and on planets, where you must get a Gold medal in for them to count as complete. They are a mixture of shooting galleries, obstacle courses, and running or flying through checkpoints, to name a few. Most are relatively easy to complete but some might require a few tries. If you are having trouble completing a particular trial, try changing the character or ship you are using.

    With the exception of the two trials required on capital ships, every other trial will be completed on your way to unlocking ''See you around, kid'' (100G). For completing all the trials, you will earn 16 Kyber bricks, 18 Characters and 4 Ships as well as this achievement. Note that some trials are locked until you complete side missions; you can select the locked trial and purchase the rumor to show what the prerequisites are.

    Caution: There’s a chance that the trial on Jakku: Niima Outpost called ‘Speeder Spruce Up’ will not reveal its prerequisite even if you purchase the rumor; it will say ‘Couldn’t find hint data!’ in the ‘Trials’ list. The location of this trial is outside of Rey’s AT-AT and for earning a Gold medal, you unlock the First Order TIE Fighter.

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