''Do or do not. There is no try'' Achievement

  • ''Do or do not. There is no try''



    Complete all Galaxy Challenges

    This cannot be attempted until you’ve progressed far enough into the story to have unlocked all the locations you are required to travel to. All five original capital ships (Death Star, Death Star II, Executor, Steadfast, and Trade Federation Battleship) are required for this achievement; you must unlock, disable, then take them over before completing ‘The Anti-Trooper’ and ‘Where’s the Wookiee’.

    There are 10 Galaxy Challenges in the game. With the exception of ‘The Anti-Trooper’, these do not count towards any other achievement. These challenges are specific tasks to do while traveling around the galaxy, such as reading Sith plaques, rescuing frozen Rebels, destroying mouse droids, and making five Cantina patrons dance. These can be done as you are completing the events on a particular planet or afterwards. The only challenge that may give you trouble is ‘The Anti-Trooper’ for completing all of the shooting galleries, but even then, might only take a couple of tries each.

    Caution: There’s a chance that for the ‘Mouse Droid Hunt’ challenge on Jakku: Niima Outpost, a mouse droid might glitch and not appear in its correct location. If that happens, return to the planet and look for it in its second location.

    For completing all the challenges, you will earn 35 Kyber bricks and 1 Character as well as this achievement. Below is a list of the challenges and a video link to each, courtesy of Thomas’ Trophy Tutorials.

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