''You guys got yourself a ship!'' Achievement

  • ''You guys got yourself a ship!''



    Earn 17,000 studs

    Studs are the currency in LEGO games. They are required to purchase characters, upgrades, and rumors, to name a few. They are found in levels, throughout the open worlds and by smashing LEGO bricks. They are also given as rewards for completing time trials, events, and even by destroying stud comets (that circle a planet).

    The most common ones are Silver and Gold, which are worth 10 and 100, respectively. Rarer are the Blue, which are worth 1,000, and Purple, the rarest, are worth 10,000. While walking around, simply collect the studs lying around and smash LEGO bricks (boxes, environment, etc.) and you will eventually accumulate 17,000 studs.

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